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hey it’s Mike here and on this channel Ioften look at the health effects ofplants and there’s one plant inparticular with a unique reputation it’smarijuana or cannabis and it’s realhealth effects seem to be shrouded inmyths and a mystery or are often just amisrepresented by people with an agendaso we’re gonna look at over 20 studiesto see which claims of harm or benefitshold up like is marijuana really notaddictive does the smoke cause a lungcancer we’re gonna look at studies withmeasures such as puffs per month so thisis gonna be very rigorous and just tostate my position I don’t really benefitfrom determining that weed is healthy orthat it’s unhealthy I’m not likevigorously anti weed or a STONER so Ijust want to know the truth probablylike you all right so let’s go to startmarijuana is still considered a Scheduleone drug by the DEA which means it has ahigh potential for abuse and thepotential to create severe psychologicalor physical dependence are they behindthe times with this designation wellthey do use a ninety style gradient ontheir website logo so the problem herethough is that a Schedule one drug isdifficult to study thankfully we’ve hada lot of persistent researchers so wehave a lot of studies to gleaninformation from alright we already knowthat the federal government doesn’t likeweed going through the NationalInstitute of Health’s webpage on it isclear that their goal is to make weedlook bad with only negative statementsabout it but they’re only mention ofmedical marijuana for instance is thatit might be creating a false sense ofhow safe marijuana is well let’s seewhat they have to say about our firsttopic here which is does smoking weedcause lung cancer now most uses ofmarijuana are in the form of smoking andthe research on this is somewhatconflicting but despite the NIHgenerally having a weed is the devilattitude with their write-up on it theyactually go with the National Academy ofSciences 2017 report and state thatquote researchers so far haven’t found ahigher risk for lung cancer in peoplewho smoke marijuanaboth of these are pointing to a 2015study which concluded quote results fromour pooled analyses provide littleevidence for an increased risk of lungcancer among habitual or long-termcannabis smokers but we need to belevel-headed here is there really noincreased risk for your lungs wheninhaling smoke into your lungs I meanwe’re seeing a somewhat increase incancer and people that just have woodstoves so what’s up ah to complete thestatement from the study no increasedrisk was found quote although thepossibility of potential adverse effectfor heavy consumption cannot be excludedyes in fact this next study found atwo-fold increase in lung cancer forheavy weed smokers and they did adjustfor things like alcohol cigarettes andsocioeconomic status and here’s anotherstudy albeit a smaller study that foundthat the group that smoked the highestamount of weed had a five point sevenfold risk for lung cancer so why is highyou speed no pun intendedso differentiated from medium or low usewe know that people who smoke tobaccoeven at relatively lower amounts stillhave an increased chance of lung cancerit’s likely due to the way lowerfrequency of smoking marijuanacigarettes bursttobacco cigarettes it can be a few timesa month for weed first about fourteentimes a day on average for tobacco whichis really high so the total toxic loadfor weed is much lower than cigaretteseven if they were to have the exact sameeffect per cigarette do they have thesame effect this brings us to our sortof first official claim which is thatmarijuana smoke burns cleaner andtherefore is way less dangerous toinhale well I don’t know about thataccording to this study quote both typesof smoke contain a complex mixture ofcompounds some of which are carcinogenicthey both contain hot gases inirritating particulate matter or tarsin fact weed in certain cases has higherlevels of the carcinogen grouppolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons howeverand this is a big however it appearsthat smoking weed might simultaneouslyexert a pro cancerous and a anti-cancereffect it seems to have an impressiveresume of cancer murder quote compoundsfound in cannabis have been shown tokill numerous cancer types includinglung cancer breast and prostate Leukemiaand Lymphoma glioma skin cancer and thefee fie foe fum pheochromocytoma on theother hand we have nicotine in tobaccowhich helps hook cancer up to new bloodsupplyand helps it spread while the THC incannabis actually prevents the newcreation of blood cells that fuel cancerso while tobacco is all bad for cancerweed appears to be a double-edged swordhowever it is certainly associated withchronic bronchitis and compromises yourlungs immune function but all theseeffects are if it is smokedwhat about vaporizing it vaping appearsto reduce the toxic load of tobaccocigarettes from this study that measuredthe urinary toxins of vapors versusconventional smokers found that in thecase of one carcinogen it removed97.5 percent of it in the worst casescenario for another toxin it did thisstill pretty good but as anybody lookedat vaping marijuana specifically yesfrom this study in the journal ofcannabis therapeutics which yes actuallydoes exist using chromatography theyfound that 108 out of 111 noncannabinoid compounds were removed yetTHC delivery levels remain similar totraditional marijuana cigarettes and youcan also dodge the effect of smoke byeating it drinking it and sodas or evenbrushing it on your teeth they think ofeverything so let’s move on to thesecond topic of psychological effectsresearchers have found an associationbetween schizophrenia and marijuanaconsumption which has led some people tosay that marijuana is triggeringschizophrenia in people that aresusceptible but according to this studythat looked at the topic quote ourresults provide some evidence thatcannabis initiation increases the riskof schizophrenia although the size ofthe causal estimate is small we findstronger evidence that schizophreniarisk predicts cannabis initiation as thelead researcher of that study simply putto quote the evidence suggested thatschizophrenia risk predicts thelikelihood of trying cannabis so thejury’s still out on that one but ifthere is an effect it is likely weak atthis point I think it’s good to lookinside the brain and see what’s actuallyhappening when somebody is on weedsimply put by this study quote cannabisacutely raises dopamine levels in thestriatum which is a part of your brainthat involves reward so we need toacknowledge here that despite being onanotherweed is activating the same pathway asmeth for example increasing dopamine sohow does cannabis do it well THCindirectly increases dopamine bydecreasing the amount of gaba anotherneurotransmitter which inhibits therelease of dopamine so it just lets moredopamine out there it’s kind of likeunscrewing the little mesh top on yoursalt shaker but probably a little lessintense we should emphasize that thatthis dopamine spike is not as strong asthose hard drugs from this trial quotein the largest data set of healthyparticipants so far we provide evidencefor a modest increase in human straddledopamine transmission afteradministration of THC compared to otherdrugs of abuse but let’s jump to studiesback to this one done in 2014 they saythat marijuana is not associated withthat lower dopamine response thatdeadening of the reward system which isthe hallmark of using narcotics but afew of the same researchers decided totest this out themselves in this 2016study they looked at people who wereheavy marijuana users and found thatthey had a lessened dopamine responsequote in conclusion this study providesevidence that severe cannabis dependenceis associated with a deficit in striataldopamine release but those veryresearchers point to how it might be apre-existing low dopamine response thatled these people to self-medicate withweed in the first place but from thisnext study they found that the dopamineresponse was not lessened in a moderateto low marijuana consumers and thatdifferentiates it from other drugshowever those who started smoking at ayoung age did exhibit and altereddopamine processes so that is very muchworth noting with all this informationwe have to consider that we are rapidlybreeding these plants to increase theirlevels of THC and in a recent 30 yearswe saw a six-fold increase in theaverage THC content of marijuana like ifwe keep raising the THC content and keepraising it at some point it’s gonna havean equivalent dopamine spike to harddrugs all this brings us to our secondclaim which is that weed is notaddictive I’m sure you’ve heard it athousand times back to our friends atthe National Institute of Health theyjust outright call THC an addictivesubstance like it’s addictive that’sthat but from this study about 9% ofcannabis users fit the criteria foraddiction to cannabis and about 25 to50% of people who smoked daily thismakes it less than half as addicting asalcohol and 1/7 as addicting as tobaccoaccording to the same study so I wouldhave to correct this claim by sayingthat marijuana is not addictive for 91%of people that use it so we have to askthe question could it be just addictivefor people that already had thatcompromise to dopamine system or is ittaking normal people and making themaddicted either way it seems to be apretty small effect however does it leadto more addictive substances claimnumber three it is a gateway drug itsassociation with other drugs makes somepeople say it’s a gateway drug that’s itbut there are other factors here forexample there’s a bit of aself-fulfilling prophecy that since itis illegal when you have to go to thedrug dealer on the corner to illegallybuy weed they are also trying to sellyou other illegal drugs in many cases sowe have to ask if it was legal wouldthat happen probably not but to be fairexperimenting with one mind-alteringsubstance might encourage you to branchout and experiment with othermind-altering substances but the mostimportant point here is whether or notyou think it’s a gateway drug we seem totreat other substances that are widelyconsidered a gateway drug with open armssuch as alcohol so let’s let’s comparealcohol for a bit topic number threealcohol verse marijuana alcohol is aclass one a carcinogen according to thewhu-oh marijuana is not on the listthough it does contain some carcinogensagain it contains anti-carcinogenicproperties the net u.s. deaths fromalcohol according to the CDC are 88thousand per year from a variety ofmechanisms such as heart disease liverdisease and a variety of cancers nextoverdosing on weed is still consideredimpossible from the National CancerInstitute quote because cannabinoidreceptors unlike opioid receptors arenot located in the brain stem areascontrolling respiration lethal dosesfroman abyss in Canada but no I do not occurbut alcohol poisoning kills six people aday in the US according to the CDC canyou imagine if we’d was killing sixpeople a day from overdoses but whatabout driving under the influencethis French study collected a mandatoryurine samples directly after 10,000fatal accidents they found a smallincrease in accidents with weed whichwas quite small compared to the alcoholaccident rate but adding them bothtogether being twisted was the mostdangerous this next study whichcontrolled for more variables found noincreased risk in accidents for peopleon weedhowever drunk driving it killstwenty-eight people a day in the u.s.nearly 1/3 of all accidents heck one infour accidents are caused by cell phonesnowadays so yeah then there is theviolence especially towards women asthis study found alcohol consumption wasassociated with increased violence andquote when intoxicated both men andwomen behaved more aggressively toward afemale target than toward a male targetyeah we just can’t say the same for weedand this is just the tip of the icebergfor negative effects of alcohol I wantto quickly cover a fourth topic which ismarijuana and the youth this study seemsto show that smoking weed when young canlead to a slightly lower IQ quoteimpairment was concentrated amongadolescent onset cannabis users withmore persistent use associated withgreater to climb well the researcherspoint to effects like toxic insult to avulnerable brain however it would bedishonest to not at least consider thata lower IQ might simply be associatedwith a riskier lifestyle with marijuanaas a risk-taking behavior associationagainI know circling back to alcohol for justa second marijuana consumption isassociated with alcohol consumption andwe know that that kills brain cellsability to communicate doesn’t actuallykill brain cells the marijuana and IQresearchers hypothesized that THC maynegatively affect brain development andmany people have pointed to THC inbreast milk possibly affecting infantsbut we don’t have time toinfants today that’s just one step toofar I will link a resource at leastbelow let’s move on to the next claimthat marijuana reduces seizures inchildren if you have seen the videos onthis you probably already know that thisis certainly true they couldn’t believeit that there was no epileptic activityon the EEG so I gave the doctor a hugand to back that with this study 84% ofparents reported a reduction in theirchild seizure frequency with cannabis ofthese 11% reported being seizure freewith 42% having a greater than 80%reduction in seizure frequency that ishuge well we are talking aboutmiraculous recoveries we might as welllook at motor disease you may have seenthis incredible video floating around weuse just a single drop and his handsafterwards for Rocksteady and as thisstudy states quote a number ofpreclinical studies in differentexperimental Parkinson’s disease modelsdemonstrated that modulating thecannabinoid system may be useful totreat some motor symptoms now reallyquickly I want to cover a post traumaticstress disorderin Canada they do supply marijuana tosome of their veterans with PTSD and Ihave met one firsthand and they claimedit was hugely beneficialwhat about studies we actually have onethat’s recently started that is just themost ridiculous rigorous scientificsounding study ever it’s a placebocontrolled triple blind random crossoverpilot study it’s funded by the state ofColorado we will see now I want to coverone final adverse effect of marijuanathat sort of captures the hysteriaaround it and that is from this studylooking at adverse effects they foundthat be warrant be very warned marijuanacan cause quote altered judgmentincreasing the risk of sexual behaviorsthat facilitate the transmission ofsexually transmitted diseases yeah I canthink of a reason marijuana is bad youmight you might get herpes yeah yesthat’s what I said no study to back thatclaim by the way in summary it appearsthat the vast majority of negativeeffects from marijuana are from heavysmoking it appears to increase your riskof lung cancer whentulo does not it might mess with yourdopamine system well again a moderate tolow likely does not but we can’t ignorethe anti-cancer effects and we willdefinitely see some more research onthat in the future as for our claims nomarijuana smoke is not magicallyharmless in terms of addiction verymildly addictive but still potentiallyaddictive and is it a gateway drugprobably a bit but you don’t seem tocare about alcohol so so in the end ifyou’re gonna be consuming a lot ofmarijuana it appears that vaping is byfar the safest way to go finally I wouldsay if all this research changed myopinion on the matter it is simply thatthere are people in the pro weed andanti weed camps that are both just wrongabout a lot of stuff it’s definitely ajoke to put it as a Schedule one drugwhen alcohol is not but it’s totallyjust wrong to say that there are nonegative health effects that’s just notcorrect but in medical marijuana caseslike epilepsy for example it’s clearthat the positives outweigh thenegatives I wish there was an easyanswer just good or bad but there’s notsorry finally I’m just mad that makingweed illegal means we can’t grow hempbecause these headphones should be madeout of Tampa bio plant everything shouldbe made out of hemp bioplastic alrightlet me know down below if you found anyof this information surprising I suredid also let me know if I missed anymajor points here and in case you wantto learn more about how plants affectyour body feel free to check out myother videos subscribe for them in thefuture and if you learned anything ifyou learned a single fact feel free topress the like button alright thanks forwatching and I will see you in the nextvideoMusicyouMusicEnglish (auto-generated)