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hey lookie here ten signs that you’remore intelligent than you realizewe all have those moments we’re feelinglow and start doubting our abilities itstarts back at school when you justcan’t get math thumbs up if you canrelate like me and Mike come back whenyou’re an adult bright side has somegood newsyou are way more intelligent than yourealize here is a list of signs youmight have ignored or even consideredweird that indicate a super bright mindthey are all scientifically proved so ifyou feel like a few of them are true foryou you have every reason to callyourself a genius counting down fromnumber 10 you realize how much you don’tknow as contradictory as it may sound atrue genius easily admits how much hestill doesn’t know you can be naturallygreat at making words rhyme or have amusical talent the size of a vaultingbut fail at physics more than that youmust definitely have some concepts toexplore even in your professional fieldif you can honestly say I don’t knowinstead of mumblingoh yeah I have an idea of how itfunctions and then googling theconversation topic like crazy it showsyou are an intelligent person this ideais backed up by science Justin Krugerand David Denning worked with a group ofCornell University undergrads andpublished the results in their researchin the Journal of Personality and SocialPsychology in 1999 they asked studentsto predict their scores after beingtested in humor logical reasoning andEnglish grammar those who were 100percent sure they did outstandingly wellended up with worse results than thosewho were more critical of themselvesnumber nine you wear the same clothesevery dayMusichave you ever noticed Mark Zuckerbergtends to appear in public in the samegrade t-shirt all the time we don’tthink he doesn’t have enough money toseek fashion advice or style up hiswardrobe a more likely explanation ofsticking to the same fashion routine isbeing a geniuspsychologists Oliver Berkman has donesome serious research on the lifestyleof the brightest minds in the world heconcluded that smart people tend to saveup their mental abilities for moreimportant things unless those smartpeople are fashion designers or LadyGaga of course we don’t encourage you todisregard fashion to wake up your innergenius but this study does make sensesome genius inventions or brilliantwritings can be created during that timeyou spend picking the perfect outfit forthe day so next time you see your geekycolleague don’t blame him for that grayturtleneck is wearing everyday numbereight you can feel what others arethinking it’s not like you’re psychicbut there are some signs of it do youknow that feeling when you’re talking tosomeone and they can’t find the rightword or just postponing finishing thesentence and you do it for them if youdo you might be a genius empathy is asign of exceptional mental intelligenceif you are emotionally intelligent youlove meeting new people and learning newthings according to psychologist andauthor of focus the hidden drivers ofexcellence daniel coleman people whocare a lot about others and can feelthem well generally succeed in lifeliterally feeling the pain of othershelps you understand life better so youcan excel at living it you can evenlearn from the mistakes of others notyour own genius isn’t it number sevenyou can perfectly control yourself theability to control instincts is what weknow distinguishes humans from animalsgenius people went even further theymanaged to overcome and control anyimpulses they have if you can plan andachieve goals without being distractedby emotions you are more intelligentthan you mightyou can even avoid getting in trouble bypredicting the possible outcomes of thisor that action a group of scientistsfrom Yale Princeton the University ofMinnesota and other educationalinstitutions tested a group of people in2008 they offered the participants ofthe experiment to choose from being paidimmediately or get money laterthose are preferred waiting and gettingmore money later had better scores onintelligence tests it showed that peoplewho are not afraid and can control theiractions including spending their moneyare more intelligent than those who findit hard to plan anythingnumber 6 your eyes are blue blue eyeslook deep and sincere and sometimespiercing just think of Elsa from frozenah let it go will yathere is more to them than that coldbeauty and American scientists have beenlong interested in their nature many ofthem believe blue eyes are a sign ofnatural super intelligence professoremeritus of the University of LouisvilleJoanne Rowe has concluded light eyedhumans and even animals are way betterat activities requiring self-pacing thanthe dark eyed creatures the fact thatyou are better at self paced activitiesmeans that you like paying attention toevery detailaren’t those qualities important forwork with words and numbers if you havedark eyes it is no reason to be upsetthough the same study says you aregraded things requiring an immediateresponse because your reaction is superdeveloped plus we still have a lot ofgenius signs you’ll find yourself inlike this one number five you are achocolate lover yeah that’s meMD Franz H Messerly who is most likely achocolate lover himself published theresults of his study in the New EnglandJournal of Medicine he tried to linkgenius Nobel prize-winner kind of geniusper ten million people with the amountof chocolate consumed in certaincountries and he found itSwitzerland land of chocolate and cheesehas not surprisingly taken a very highposition in this rating Sweden Denmarkand Norway are not doing bad either eventhough many people find the results ofthis study very disputable we still liketo believe because we love chocolate somuch more than thatchocolate is known to stimulate yourmental activity and if you love it andhave it in healthy amounts it will notdo you any bad hey remember what MaeWest said too much of a good thing canbe wonderful I’m sure she was talkingabout chocolate number four when you’reupset you know what’s bothering you weall have those days when everythingseems to upset us Coffee doesn’t tastethat goodthe shining Sun is annoying and ifpeople are asking you what’s wrong youonly want to yell back at them evengenius people get upset at times a lotin fact but they know exactly what’sbothering them it gives them anopportunity to solve the problem andmove on yes genius people don’t stick tothe past and they don’t blame everyoneand everything around for their sadnesspsychologist Daniel Goleman explains areal genius does not only addressproblems but also recognizes emotionswhen he feels them and not ignores thema mind free of constantly botheringemotions and anger will more likelygenerate something outstandingnumber three you talk to yourself heyyou got to be kidding meI always thought that talking toyourself as a sign of madness not geniusit turns out it’s just the oppositepsychologist Daniel swig Lee and Garyloop young conducted a whole study on itthe good self-talk according to themhelps us sort the important thoughtsfrom useless stuff going through ourminds it’s a way of singling out ideassome of them might be a genius listeningto your own voice helps you understandyourself better maybe it was speaking tohimself that helped Albert Einsteinbecome one of the brightest minds of alltime yes it turns out I’m Stein used torepeat his lines to himself number twoyou can’t stand any background noise ifyou feel like getting your noisyneighbors a one-way ticket to Barbadosyou are not super evil you are mostdefinitely super intelligent loud musicand drilling annoy anyone but we’retalking about stomping laughing and loudtalking kind of noise a study conductedat the Northwestern University hasstated that a genius hates any kind ofbackground noise because it prevents himfrom concentrating on important issuesCharles Darwin Anton Chekhov and famousnovelist Marcel Proust all tried to maketheir workplace as extra soundproof andwore ear Stoppers and number one waitfor it your handwriting is messy that’sjust about everybodynext time somebody criticizes yourhandwriting simply nod say I am sorryyou don’t get it and triumph on theinsidemessy writing is one of the signs of agenius the creative disorder is aconcept that was established long agoand there is even research that claimsthat it serves as kind of a fuel forthose with a creative nature the resultsof this research carried out by KathleenBose and her team were published inPsychological Science Journal messyhandwriting is also one of the signs ofa creative person oh thank goodnessso did you recognize any of these signsin yourself or maybe you are nowpositive your best friend is a geniusfeel free to share it in the commentsection if you want to see another videoon how to distinguish a genius from aregular person hey you don’t want tohang out with us regular people use snobhere’s a link to it if you liked thisvideo let us know by using the thumbs upbutton if it gets 50,000 likes willshare some techniques to exercise yourmind and join the genius clan alwayslook on the bright side of lifeyou


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