Here our individual clients. Aerial Photography is a perfect

Here in Skeyefly we offer high
quality aerial photography services. Our services are a combination of
technology, experience and passion. Thanks to the use of technologically
advanced drones equipped with high resolution camera and stabilised system, we provide
our clients with great aerial photography at relatively low cost compared to
other methods used so far.

Our firm offers a wide range of
services to Real Estate Agents, Construction, Insurance Companies, Roofing
specialists and our individual clients.

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Aerial Photography is a perfect
way for Real Estate Agents to show a beautiful landscape surrounding a house or
a site. Stills taken from a drone add an additional, exciting dimension and a
unique perspective that standard photos cannot provide. It also allows agent to
show distances to the beach, lake, train station or other amenities and shows
how big the property is.

construction sector, drone photography is helpful in each phase of a process.
By using our services, you can easily design your project, monitor a progress
and you can also create marketing materials for a website or a brochure. In
conjunction with our services in the field of photogrammetry, aerial
photography becomes a very powerful tool for architects, engineers and

photography is a very helpful tool for roofing specialists. Visual inspection
of a roof is no longer a challenge that requires a lot of time and heavy
equipment. Thanks to our services, a roof inspection now takes minutes instead
of days and with conjunction of thermal inspection, it gives an entire image of
technical condition of a roof. In addition, it is much safer method than a
traditional inspection.

Aerial Images
are widely used by Insurance companies. Inaccessible areas can now be reached
by a drone and can help investigators avoid potential risks related to their
job. Roof damage caused by fire, wind or hailstorm can be viewed up closely by
aerial inspection. It is a time-saving technique and it provides safety for an
insurance adjuster.


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