Hefty Leadership and Decision Making Date:-01/18/2018 Abstract Evolution in







Hardware Case study


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630 – Organization Leadership and Decision Making



















in technology has necessitated the application of IT to improve business
operations. Accessing information about the products of a company is important
and this requires improving the customer experience. IT is a tool that has been
used to improve the effectiveness with which customers conduct their shopping
and purchase a particular company’s products. Innovation of service has been
driven by ICT, which has provided new and innovative services for many years
(Bouwman & Fielt, 2008). Innovation in technology is one of the strategic
ways through which businesses improve their operations especially those which
operate multiple stores. This paper seeks to analyze how business value has
been delivered through the use of IT at Hefty Hardware. It is very important
and plays a very crucial role in a company’s functioning. Through this case
study it suggests the importance of how important IT is towards the business
industry, how effective IT is and what the company requires in an overall




















Overall, how effective is the
partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the
shortcomings of both IT and the business?

Partnership between IT
and the Business at Hefty Hardware is very inefficient. There are few major
shortcomings in IT and Business sectors in Hefty Hardware case study, poor
communication between business and the IT department, no time management
skills, business and IT have no integration, corporate disconnection from
retail sector, goals and values are not identified properly. According to the
case study IT department is operating in its own technical world and has very
little relationship to the business. Changing nature of IT work, Nature and
frequency of communication, attitude and IT and Business Organization
structures are few obstacles to effective communication according to IT
Strategy by James D. McKeen and Heather A.Smith (McKeen, 57). Hefty Hardware case
expresses few of these communication obstacles. Changing nature of IT work is
clearly shown in this case. Hefty Hardware is trying to implement new business
strategy call “Savvy Store”. Hefty Hardware’s IT goal has changed to get the
Savvy Store system ready before the dead line. Company is trying to use
information and multimedia to improve the customer experience in variety of
ways and to make it consistent in each of their stores. IT would be critical
for Savvy Store concept by ensuring that the products were there when a
customer wanted them and that every store associate had the proper information
to answer customer’s questions. The main problem with Savvy Store concept is
that IT department has no clue about this new idea or how it works. One reason
for this is only IT account manager involves with the business team.


There were many
shortcomings in the Hefty hardware industry this which was highlighted in their
day to day functioning. There is a lot of back and forth which is going on in
the company at the Hefty hardware Company. The following are the shortcomings
which I have identified in terms of the Hefty hardware case study:-

employee’s are not on one single page and do not accept the fact that there is
a need and want for the IT department.

do not agree the IT is an important aspect of the company and how it functions.

are not satisfied with the way IT functions

is a dispute between the way IT functions and the way the business desires to

have different of opinion in the way the company markets and presents itself

communication is also one of the important factors affecting the way the
company and its employees function.

of business integration and reliability of the business on the IT department.

is a lot of internal politics which is also an issue in terms of accepting the
terms and condition of the IT department.

is no planning and time management hence leading to inaccessibility to the IT
departments resources and also preventing them from taking the right decisions
at the right time.

10.    Understanding the situation and also
making the required changes to it are the most important to make the larger

11.    CIO is short staffed and there is no
addition of any employees to make the department more inefficient

12.    There are certain values on data not
seen where in there are no understanding of the data and how it is spent.


Create a plan for how IT and the
business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully?

Collaboration:  The Business should define the objective of
the Savvy store program. Involve IT department to analyze the current situation
by planning a field trip in order to understand the exact store operation. Once
this is done, IT and Business should plan a meeting to discuss ways to reach
the ultimate goal. Each department might have different solutions to implement
the program so discussing the pros and cons of each approach would enable them
to figure out the best way to move forward. The methods and processes that
would be used must also be discussed in this meeting.

2. Agreement: A written document of the
approved plan where every department agrees on what was discussed in the
meeting must be signed. This step would help to avoid conflicts if any that
would occur during the course of the project and also establishes

Communications intranet: There must
be a portal for discussions about the ongoing projects. One way it could help
would be if an employee faces difficulty on a certain issue, others who have
had the issue in past or may have the experience about the issue, could help
him in resolving it quickly rather than delaying the process and missing
deadlines. This feedback process would help to build strong social networks
within the organization. Other benefits include cost savings, ease of
information access (people and technology), etc.

Change Management: – If the IT
department feels a need for change while working on the project, it must be immediately
communicated to the other departments so that everyone is on the same page and
the business should analyze its impact on the end result. If there is a
positive impact and if the change is helping the business goal, only then
should IT be given a green signal to proceed with it (saves rework for IT in
case of negative impact on the business goal).

SWOT Analysis: – Doing a SWOT
analysis is the key to get the desired results for the business. It is
important to strategize and understand the needs of the business and then give
the desired results for the business .When you understand the strengths
,weakness ,opportunities of the company it is evident that that you understand
certain important changes from the companies perspective and which would
benefit the company in the long run.

Getting the right people involved: –
It is very essential that the right people are involved in the companies
infrastructure. Making sure the right decisions are taken is as important as
how the company functions. When you have the right people taken into
consideration there are certain changes which can be made at the right moment.
When proper representation is there the company knows which and where the
company is headed.

Working in partnership with the business:
– It is very crucial to maintain proper relationship with the business so
that the business understands the proper requirements and hence also has the
right kind of partnerships with the business.


strategy and development of ideas are required in terms of analysis of the
requirements which the business requires. There are also certain changes that
are required in terms of the Hefty hardware case study which are to be
implemented in the business. These changes have to be understood form the
business perspective and then implemented to the IT as well as the business
that have a good deal of understanding. The correlation between a good
relationship and the ability to deliver is an important one where in there a
great deal of interpersonal relationship and the ability to deliver value.


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