Healthy awareness like identify and discuss interests at circle

Safe Environment Assignment

healthy and safe environment for children in a child care center is very
important concern. All children have the right to be in a setting that provides
them with a more than theoretical healthy and safe environment, as a fact that the
best part of learning experiences happens where kids are happy and secured.

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child care center which is located on 54 Danforth Ave. is supervised by a very
professional RECE named Mary, who is also enrolled at ECE apprenticeship
program at Seneca College. The center has 15 infants in rooms A and B and 38
preschoolers in rooms C and D. The center has 9 staff members working as a one team.

The center has play
based emerging curriculum which is learning through playing activities, to
encourage children for self awareness like identify and discuss interests at
circle time, dress themselves as part of self reliance, identify and apply basic
safety rules to everyday life, demonstrate consideration for others by helping
and sharing, identify ways of moving, participate in singing and dancing,
listen to stories, create pictures, arts and crafts that expresses their
interests and experiences.

The curriculum is
guided and directed by the supervisor and staff members to adopt the best
appropriate healthy environment for the kids physically emotionally and
mentally, because being in a healthy and safe environment should matter the ECE
caregiver at first hand.

On Thursday January
25, 2018 around 10 am in the morning with the help of the supervisor I started observing
rooms A, B, C and D, as well as the kitchen, washrooms, cubbies, outdoor areas,
indoor facilities and so many spots to see the standards that those kids were
living in.

The first standard
for setting up an environment in a way that promotes safety for the kids is the
arrangement of items, exits, electrical cords, furniture, toys, carpets or any
item that might be a matter of danger for kids as well as caregivers.

As walking in the
nursery and checking the classrooms, I noticed that in room B one of the rugs
and especially the corners weren’t secure enough as they should be, so that
kids might be tripped if they are walking in that area and if they didn’t
notice that the corner side is not fixed on the floor, the risk of falling down
will be big.

Ensuring that
environment should be safe from any tripping hazards where kids can play and
walk safely, we have to consider that every area is comfortable for them and
free from anything which will address their safety. “Do not use scatter rugs. Do not run extension cords across floors where
people walk or under carpeting (fire hazards)”   (Pimento & Kernested, 2015, p.403).

from the importance of safety inside the classrooms, I will highly recommend
the center to consider safety arrangement for walking kids or staff if they are
walking or running, so that it
is better for them to remove those carpets from the floor or to replace double
face tapes under the carpets that have tripping sides so that they stick on the
floor and will be secure for everyone. “The play materials, equipment, and
furnishing are free of hazards that could potentially endanger the health and
saftey of children” (CCEYA, 2014, p.61).

to another calssroom and observing caregivers daily routines, I noticed that
teachers weren’t doing health checks before kids enter the classroom.
Apparently,  before starting any activity
and before allowing kids interact together, caregivers and  in the presence of the parent should do health
checks for the kids, because their health sometimes changes quickly  and they will be exposed quickly to deseases.
licensee shall ensure that a daily observation is made of each child receiving
child care in each child care center it operates and in each premises where it
oversees the provision of home child care before the child begins to associate
with other children in order to detect possible symptoms of ill health” (CCEYA,2014,p.81).

As a result I
highly recommend the caregivers to be careful about this point, so that every
day when the child arrives to the nursery and before the kid enters the
classroom, a staff member must do health check in the presence of the parent,
so that if any sign of decease was observed on the kid, immediately, as a
safety procedure, he/she should be sent home with the parent. “When it comes to observing children for possible
signs of illness, educators must first know the importance of daily health
observations to identify ill children” (Pimento & Kernested, 2015, p.176)

Safety on the
playground is another issue that every caregiver should be aware of. Children
can’t be left alone no matter whatever the situation is. They should know the
risks of accidents of outdoor facilities are more so that they should protect
the kids by active supervision.

Another negative
point which I noticed during my checklist assessment is that staffs weren’t positioning
themselves appropriately in the right position, so that every kid is
supervised. “Every licensee shall ensure
that every child who receives child care at a child care center it operates or
at a premises where it oversees the provision of home child care is supervised
by an adult at all times, whether the child is on or off the premises” (CCEYA,
2014, p.42.)

As a result to
prevent accidents I will highly recommend that children must be supervised actively
indoors as well as outdoors both by sight and hearing. So that every teacher
must know the number of kids they are in her care, as well as their names if
that’s possible. Apparently children don’t predict the danger while playing or
running, so that it is the caregiver’s responsibility to indicate that every
day kids will explore and try something new, which is a natural phenomenon as a
part of their development pace. (Pimento & Kernested,
2015, p.432).

healthy and safe environment to the kids in their early years is related to
many factors and procedures which are holistic and they work together to
complete each other, as well there are rules and regulations that must be
followed all the times.

are our future and it’s our responsibilty to create for them a happy and secure
environment. The ideal environment is created by the mutual understanding of
families and caregivers who work together to provide a positive feedback to the

in a Healthy and safe environment allows kids to be independent, to make decisions,