Health bypass surgery. Ultrasonic methods are used to reduce

Health care is the maintenance of health by
using  different diagnosis, treatment,
prevention of disease and other physical and mental impairments in human beings. The
significant contributions to the health care not only depend on the past and
future research in biomedical science but also on the technologies and physical
science. Undoubtedly, physical science has the capacity to facilitate advances
in Health care like prevention, treatment, methodologies etc.

In this context the presenter wants to communicate to the
readers about the varied advanced physical science technologies used in health
care such as Laser
used in ‘photodynamic therapy’ of cancer, Neurosurgery and
Otolaryngological surgery for the removal of tumors which have produced
wonderful results and appear to have an excellent future.  In cardiac surgery, a fiber optic laser is
used to clear an occluded coronary blood vessel which is less surgical than
going for coronary bypass surgery. Ultrasonic methods are used to reduce kidney
stones by sonic fracture technique and also to do surgeries where the vascular
system is involved. Imaging technology has also brought a new dimension to diagnostic
procedures. It displays the internal structure of the body including abnormal
material, so that the doctor can see the state of the body directly and treat
with precision. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasonic techniques
using the latest display technology are for diagnostic work and screening in
pathological conditions. Imaging includes Ultrasonic imaging and Optical fibre
visualization. Ultrasonic imaging
can be obtained by Doppler Effect which is well suited to study the flow in the
heart and to observe the performance of valve functioning after surgery. Optical fiber visualization is used now
in endoscopy where computer simulators have been devised which reduces the risk
of harming patients. A Biosensor is
a device that measures the concentration of a chemical and converts the
measurement into electrical form with the use of an optical transducer. Biosensors
are the combination of two technologies: microelectronics and biological
recognition. Blood glucose biosensor use ChemFET (chemically-sensitive
field-effect transistor) whose gate region is coated with glucose oxidize, an
enzyme which catalyses the production of protons by glucose. Electronic
diagnostic equipment has developed rapidly like ECG or MECG where a micro
computer is included with in the instrument so that the processing and
biomedical signals obtained from patients are more reliable. The main objective of this article is to
analyze these physical science technologies and evaluate their impact on the 21st Century Healthcare.

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