Have use today to solve problems of the math,

           Have you ever wondered what pre-calculus is all about or any math subject or like the history of it. Well in this research paper thats what imma basically be talking about. Pre-calculus is a mathematical subject that will be getting a student prepared for Calculus. Their more than one math course but Pre-calculus is my top one. More like math analysis or any type of math course related to Pre-Calculus. Such as past, present, and future.            The history of pre-calculus… who invented logarithms. Well John Napier was the inventor who invented this one piece of math, which is like is an inverse operation. In my opinion it seems real hard . But math is all about challenges.What is pre-calculus?www.hardlycalculus.com states that pre-calculus is based upon skills , subjects and some insights. To be honest that is 95% of what this math subject is about, but their is surprise at each corner you turn. What has this subject shifted from the past to now.          Well pre-calculus has gave us an advantage , within the technology we use called the “calculator” . The calculator is what i use today to solve problems of the math, if we didn’t have this devices , then their will be not so much of solving precalculus. Isaac Newton was the creator of Calculus so that involves pre-calculus, He was born January 4th, 1643. Isaac Newton came up with the basics of Precalculus. Knowing and going through this long math course i have a better understanding of it all , one hundred percent. What can pre-calculus do for us in the future?        Precalculus  can help with making inventions that are needed and wanted with all the sources. The understanding has developed over time , much more stuff to understand and learn each day by day.  The subject help produce our medicine by the calculations and all the measurements  and also tablespoons. Which we all know is needed each and everyday.I don’t see as math help us having an understanding in our selves.         In conclusion,precalculus is needed in life for many different things. If precalculus or any math subject such trigonometry, geometry , then all the money we make would be useless. We also wouldn’t understand how much tablespoons to make of medicine , need a tablespoon tube for that. Finally precalculus has a significant of past, present , and also the future.