Have stated that “it was the most interesting performance

Have you ever wondered how you could play an instrument without hearing it?  Well Ludwig Van Beethoven did!  Born December 16, 1770, in Bonn, the Holy Romanian Empire.  He was known for his classical, romantic and western art music, a great composer and the first deaf pianist. Beethoven’s life growing was hard yet successful this is how it all came together at an early age.His grandfather also named Ludwig Van Beethoven  inspired him to do music because he was also a skilled musician. He was also taught by the composer Christian Gottlob Neefe. At a young age he moved to Vienna, Austria where he studied composition with a famous pianist Franz Joseph Haydn. When he was a young adult he became deaf (in 1798). As a kid Ludwig was traditionally baptised as a tradition of the roman people.  When he was seven years old, he had his first public performance .  In 1783 he composed his first piece.  When Ludwig moved to Vienna, Austria that’s when tragedy hit, his father passed away! Beethoven had many accomplishments; let’s hear some.  In the years 1798-1800, Beethoven was regarded as one of the most important composers behind Joseph Haydn & Mozart , and later he became the first. He also completed septet  which is a group of people singing in a symphony an important task. On his first performance in a grand symphony, the Roman times stated that “it was the most interesting performance ever!”  He also had an impact on other composers,since he was a piano teacher , one of his students , Ferdinand Ries , became a composer. He was a part of a famous symphony with his famous song , Für Elise! There were good times and there was tribulation , in 1798 Ludwig lost his hearing which could affect his composing . Shortly after that, he suffered a severe form of tinnitus plus, his father died when he was still young!In his final years he suffered severe headaches and high fevers as well.He also had whipple’s disease which affects your gastrointestinal system and interferes with normal digestion.He passed away in 1897 at the age of 56, he died during a heavy thunderstorm with poison found inside his skull!!! Beethoven showed perseverance through his illnesses determination being determined to stick to his dream of music.Fact: beethoven’s father led him into music and he also played violin!We learn how to persevere and stick to our dreams like Beethoven and even if you have a disability like Beethoven you can still pursue your dreams! ( The sources I used are the following: Beethoven’s biography & Beethoven