Have robbed by the service management head; where she

you ever experienced something was gone that you own? Maybe not, until you
check that you are being robbed by someone that you entrusted your assets.

to the website of Philippine Star, the Metrobank, the second largest bank got
robbed by the service management head; where she embezzled 900 million pesos as
she created two fake loans where she can get a million of pesos. She had the
access to the corporate clients where, she has the rights to issue the checks
for the bank. Furthermore, another bank in the Philippines, the Unionbank, got
robbed by an employee after having an unauthorized cash transfer worth 17
million pesos.

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is an act of a stealing which you do not easily notice by the person whom you
entrusted your assets. Stealing is as old as the bible which, until now it is a
common crime of humanity. This form of stealing is from simple things like
paper, pen, clips, etc. up to a high value property like money, land where the
person who steal are entrusted by this things. Embezzlement is commonly seen in
workplace as a counterproductive behaviour of employee. Bennett and Robinsons
(2000) conducted a survey to Toledo, Ohio via mail. They found out that quarter
of people, fake the receipt to reimburse the money that they not spend. This
act is common to the Filipino people where they get things from other people or

who are dedicated and working hard for the company take revenge when their
salary are deducted, delay or their superior are doing incivility to them; much
better they take things in the company as a payment to the salary that was lost
to them as counterproductive work behaviour. This kind of behaviour according
to Spector (2012) it hurts the organization or the employees of the organization.

a collectivist nation, the Philippines, Filipino workers gives more importance
to the interpersonal relationship of co-employee as well to their personal
lives as F. Landa Jocano said, a Filipino anthropologist. Saito et al.
suggested that Filipinos are more productive when they are into a group or work
team in person. One of the Filipino values according to Virgilio Enriquez is
“pakikisama”, which means having a smooth interrelationship with the fellow
employee with a cohesion that has so strong that might encourage a
counterproductive behaviour.

et al, 2006 said, stressful conditions and, Hershovis et al, 2007 said injustice
are reasons why employees done embezzlement, which results to a
counterproductive behaviour such as theft. A revenge of employees who
experience this, thus it gives damage to the company or organization.

            Not only in the company setting
where has counterproductive behaviour happened, but as well in politics. Corruption,
“dishonest or illegal behaviour especially by powerful people”
(Corruption, 2005). It is a dilemma of every nation of having leaders who are
corrupt that makes the nation poverty-stricken, where embezzled the money that
they are being entrusted. In 2012, the Philippines was shock by the scandal of
our legislators involved in PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Funds) or
Pork Barrel anomaly where, 10 billion pesos where embezzled. In 2016, Philippines
are ranked to 101st out of 176 countries with a score of 35 on
Corruption Perception Index, with anti-graft watchdog Transparency
International which worsened than the previous years.

            Then why some Filipino embezzled? On
the aforementioned of 900 million pesos of embezzled by a service management
head, the person has an access to issue a check, where she faked it until she
stole almost a billion pesos to Metrobank. 
Moreover, from the Philippine Star website, a Filipino priest who is
based in Virginia, USA, embezzled 600, 000 USD which found to be church fund of
two Roman Catholic Church. The priest has the access to accept donations from
the parishioners. 

            On the survey conducted by Bennett
and Robinson in 2000, 52% of people took property from their work without
permission. In 2016 survey by HISCOX (a specialty insurance company), 80% of
small businesses which defined with 150 employees are being embezzled and 30%
stealing with a loss of more than 500, 000 USD or PHP 24,982,000.

            Above all else, every action that we
made has consequences that needed to pay off. Embezzling other is no good,
thus, punishments serves us right. The Supreme Court of the Philippines has
iron fist on mandating of no compassion to the employees who betrayed their
employers by stealing to them. In case of Manila Water Company versus CDR (name
is abbreviated due to privacy), who stole 24 water meters, where he admitted
that he stole it together with some workers. He was dismissed to his work and
given separation pay for his long years of service in the company. The largest
telecommunications company in the Philippines, the PLDT versus NLRC (name is
abbreviated due to privacy), the supreme court of the Philippines set the
separation of pay will be allowed due to instance termination of job for minor
misconduct. In line with cases, the PDAF allegedly involved was filed plunder against
the mastermind of the scam together with several legislators which was filed by
the Department of Justice of the Philippines in 2013 while. On the website of
ABS-CBN News in 2017, the office of Ombudsman filed the same charges, plunder
to the legislators where they been jailed in the Philippine National Police
Custodial Centre in Camp Crame.

            Embezzlement is old as the bible,
where stealing is a main issue of every nation. In a company setting, according
to the website of Philippine Star, 17 million was been embezzled by an employee
in Unionbank which is a counterproductive behaviour according to Spector in 2012,
because it hurts the company or the organization. However, not only in the
company embezzlement is done, it happen in politics, where leaders are
corrupting the money of the people. In 2013, the PDAF scam or Pork Barrel scam
was in the spotlight in the Philippines where many of the legislators embezzled
10 billion pesos in the assistance fund. But, all of these things have
consequences, in 2013, the alleged masterminds of the scam face their end in
the filed charges for them in Department of Justice and office of the
Ombudsman, and imprisoned in Camp Crame.