Have fit to them? Are you having a hard

Have you ever tried to fit in
to a particular group? Did you change yourself just to fit to them? Are you
having a hard time finding a right peer so that’s why you did everything just
to be in with others?  Everyone
especially teenagers are encountering peer pressure. Where they are influenced
by others to change their identity so that they can join to a specific group
they wanted to be in. Joining a popular group is where you mostly experience
peer pressure because they influence or they try to change who you really are.
Having peers can change you in many ways its either good or bad.


Let’s have a recap of peer
pressure first. Peer pressure is where you try to fit in and change yourself
physically just to be the same with them. You also change your identity so they
would think of you as a different person. Peer pressure has become a big part
of a teenagers’ life. It is usually encountered when they reach high school.
Especially when joining in a group where there are popular or famous kids, they
change their style, the way they talk, the way they interact with others so
that group would accept them. You do the things that you don’t usually do just
to be accepted by the people you spend your time with.

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Let us state the possibilities
why a teenager wants to join a group. When they are in a situation where they
want to stay away from it they join with their peers just to run from the
problem because of the fear they are feeling. Others might have some family
problems, sometimes they feel that their parents don’t love them so they think
they can find love from their peers. They feel more happiness with their peers
rather than to be with their family.


What are the changes that a
teenager can experience when involved in peer pressure? Their decision making
and choices can also be influenced when they are engaged in peer pressure.
Their peers make them decide into things that they do not usually do but
because of peer pressure they force themselves to choose this path. Some
examples of the things that are influenced to them are, the way they wear they
change how they dress so they can be in to their style. Smoking, drinking
alcohol, or taking drugs, Missing school or cutting classes, teasing or
bullying others because you feel superior anytime you bully someone, getting
into diet or body building sometimes doing this things can cause you a lot of
trouble especially to your health and lastly forcing you to have sexual
interactions with others because sometimes their comments or reactions matter
to you.


Peer pressure does not only
give or get you into negative habits it also has positive effects but they
should be handled properly. One good example is when your friends are having
good grade you are also motivated to study hard and to have good grades. Having
a positive peer pressure can help you reflect on your actions and adjust your
ways in becoming a better individual. Observing other people when working can
hard can encourage you to step up and move forward towards something positive.
Having a group that applies positive peer pressure can help you to give up or
stay away from your bad habits and make a choice that can shape both of your
personality and your future.


Being into a group of peers can
also affect those people around you. You have your parents, your parents are
working hard just to satisfy your needs they work hard to give you the wealth
you wanted. When you are involved in peer pressure you usually go out with your
peers instead of having a quality time with your family. Your friends, your
true friends that you left are still waiting for you. They often feel left
alone everytime you find new friends especially if your new friends are


If you are aware that your
child is involved in peer pressure you should make a move. Not only the parents
who needs to move you should also move, they need your cooperation it’s because
it’s your choice whether to change and do the things properly or not. Start
with yourself, your own choices. You shouldn’t let others decide on your
choices it’s your choice not theirs it’s your life. Pursue your own interests,
Hang out with people who like doing the same stuff you do by this you won’t
feel pressured just to copy or follow what they wanted because you both have
those interest. If you know if it’s bad you should learn how to say no they are
your true friends if they won’t force you to do things that you do not usually
do. Don’t judge, respecting someone else’s choice may help you to gain them
respect and vice versa. Friends don’t have to agree on everything you don’t
have to always agree on what they want. Learn to fight for your own opinion if
you know it’s for the better. If you are in a situation when someone is
forcing, hurting, or being threatened you tell it to a family member, a friend
from outside the situation, a teacher or a counsellor to ask some help or


You can tell if a friend is the
right peer for you if they help you to have a change in perspective about life
and motivation to do well. Pressure from your peers can actually become an
inspiration. Remember to learn from your mistakes and learn from your peers
this can help you to make positive choices about your own.