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Harriet Tubman is an American champion and a symbol of freedom while Andrew Jackson is the seventh president of the United States of America. Both individuals have a legacy in the history of the United States. What is in question is the magnitude of their accomplishments. The disparity makes it questionable as to whether the supporters to substitute Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar have put into account the magnitude of both of their legacies.

Andrew Jackson impacted significantly to the heritage of his country.  For instance, he was the founder of the Democratic Party which is one of the country’s most respected political associations. It takes personal willingness and massive support from the public domain for an individual to create a national party; this affirms his dedication to the wellness of the United States residents. He also played a crucial role in establishing America’s two-party regime which is a milestone in the American politics. It is vivid since to date and two national parties characterize the American political system.

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On the other hand, Harriet Tubman is considered one of the most celebrated American abolitionists in history having led hundreds of slaves away from bondage. Though a woman, she showed dedication and sheer determination which in no small extent involved risking her own life for the sake of others. It is a rare trait, and it made her an American heroine and a representation of freedom. She publicly disregarded slave trade in the worst of environments since slave trade was highly practiced during those times.

Andrew Jackson valued the extermination of the American national debt, an action which is rarely done by many in power. It is because most people in power opt to create a good image for themselves by doing projects regardless of where they get their funds. It exposes the nation to the likelihood of massive national debts. Also, his belief that Government intermediation brought social injustices made him support the ‘laissez-faire’ doctrine which entailed abstention by Governments from meddling with the free market forces.

Harriet Tubman was named “the activities conductor of the underground railroad.” It is because she risked her life freeing slaves. She organized for rail transport which she used to transport freed slaves away from the slave zones. Regardless of living in harsh conditions as a child which led to a fracture in her skull that almost ended her life, she still bravely convinced herself of her capability to help other people from bondage.

Andrew Jackson demonized those who challenged his commands; this caused mixed reactions by historians as some regarded him as a ruthless and self-centered leader while others alleged that those were acts of strength and bravery. “Some of those disciplined were Nicholas Biddle, the president of the bank of united state and Cherokee Indian chief John Ross.” The mixed reactions raised concerns about the credibility of his role as a President for all.

The act of undergoing surgery without anesthetics drugs showed boldness and unequaled courage by Harriet Tubman. It occurred in Massachusetts General Hospital where Tubman opted to chew on a bullet as soldiers did during the civil war while undergoing surgery regardless of the presence of a less painful option of taking on anesthetics. The act proves that Tubman was a real warrior and was capable of doing anything she deemed right for the good of others.

Harriet Tubman is the first female to lead an assault in the civil war, ‘The Combahee River Raid.’ It is an iconic break-in since it led to the liberation of more than seven hundred slaves. More so, she exhibited selflessness by working as a cook and a nurse during the civil war. She used her knowledge of healing herbs to help injured soldiers to heal up making her famous too. These acts were all directed to the betterment of America and its people at large making Tubman an icon to reserve. She also worked as a spy and a scout during the war.

“To admirers, Andrew Jackson was a shining symbol of American accomplishments, the ultimate individualist and democrat. To detractors he appears an early tyrant, the closet we have yet come to an American Caesar” However, it is a common phenomenon in the political arena that the person in power has supporters and opponents at the same time.

The passage of the Fugitive Slave Law made Tubman’s ambitions riskier. It was aided by the fact that anyone who captured her was assured of compensation by law. However, Tubman had already made up her mind to refuse any acts of oppression against her and others involved; she still went on with her fight to liberate more and more slaves.

Andrew Jackson served as Judge, Senator and Congressman. He also gained recognition of the 1814 Major Generals in the war between the Creek Indians and the 1815 against British, both of which he was successful. In fact, the victory against the British he was celebrated as a hero.

Regardless of a miserable financial capability, Harriet Tubman always helps those who need help. It is allegedly driven by her early life which saw her experience suffering at the hands of the enslavers. Later in her life, she donated her possessions to a church, The African American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church to be a residence for the elderly and the poor people. Her acts of generosity and open-handedness are a vital ingredient of national heroism.

Andrew Jackson showed persistence in his fight for democracy. He led an electoral vote in 1824 but lost to the then speaker Henry Clay. His campaigns in 1832 portrayed him as a man of the people fighting against aristocracy and fraud making him defeat John Adams. His persistence nature made him trounce Henry Clay in 1832.

In conclusion, both Andrew Jackson and Harriet Tubman have significantly contributed to the history of the United States. They have both been pioneers of affirmative policies and actions worth rewarding. Andrew Jackson is the pioneer of the national two-party system and The Democratic Party and Harriet Tubman being the first woman to lead an assault in a civil war and being an icon of freedom. It is worth taking into account that the supporters to replace Andrew Jackson read his importance and his legacy in American history but also put into account Harriet Tubman’s legacy.