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Habit is a second nature, it is a routine that what a person does in every condition. It varies person to person, it may be good or bad. The change in environment cannot affect it. Habits are not scheduled, regular and planned. Study habits tell a person how much he will learn, how far he wants to go, how much he wants to earn. All of these make it possible to decide one’s study habits throughout life. The importance of study habits to student life plays an important role in academic achievement because no one can succeed without study. As we all know, each student has different study habits. Some students can study in crowdie place but some want peace. Because of the different study habits of students, some take time to adjust in hostile environment and some easily adjust. Some students don’t have the ability to survive in non-suitable environment. Effective study habits help students to achieve good results (Sadia, 2005).An academic achievement is something students achieve at school, college or university in class, in a laboratory, library or field work. An academic achievement such as graduating in one’s class, sometimes a purely quantitative matter, while having the findings of lengthy, comprehensive research published by a recognized journal is also a notable academic achievement (Ansari 1983).When students get admission in a university, they have no idea about studies requirement. Some students, when enter the higher education institution, feel free themselves from all the worries of studies which affect their studies negatively. This is a very common mistake which is made by students, and also most unavoidable from the side of students.Hotels are usually places where travelers and students live in a supervised environment. Mostly hostels are used by students who come from distant places to get their degrees. Hostel life has a great influence on students’ academic performance. Some students acquire knowledge in a proper way, but others do not. The reason is that some students feel uncomfortable in the hostels, go home sick. On the other hand, there are some problems with day scholars. Some family conflicts and other factors that affect academic performance. Because of these problems, they will never be able to achieve good academic results.Some students face many difficulties due to financial hardship or family illness. However, they still work hard to achieve good grades and sometimes they deviate in the absence of proper supervision and guidance. Objectives1.      This study aims to explore whether day scholars have good study habits, higher academic performance or hostel living students have more effective study habits and higher academic achievement.2.      The purpose of this study is to compar the study habits and academic performance of hostel living and day scholars’ female university students.3.      To measure the impact of various biographic variables on university students’ academic performance and academic performance.Research Question:1.      Is the study habits of hostel living students and day scholars affect their academic performance?2.      What is comparison between study habits and academic performance of the day scholars and hostel living students?3.      What is the study habits of day scholars and hostel living students? Significance of the Study: The study is to explore the relationship between study habits and academic performance of university female students. The findings may help teachers, managers, and parents to understand the importance of study habits for academic success. The results of this study may also help students who have difficulty in study due to non-serious study habits. In addition, the results of this study may help students to overcome academic problems.Delimitation of the study:There are following limitations that restrict us in the research study:·         Lack of time.·         Limited number of respondents.·         Lack of reliable data.·         Limited area.


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The study will be descriptive in nature and will explore the relationship between study habits and academic achievement of day scholars and hotel living students.


All of the students at the Master level of the University of Education will be the population of this study, but due to limited time and resources, it will not be possible to collect data from all of them.Sampling: The Random sample of 50 students will be selected from population. From which 25 will be a day scholar female students and 25 will be hostel living female students.Instrument:In this study questionnaire will be constructed for the measurement of study habits and academic performance. Data Analysis:The data will be administer by myself. The data analysis will be done by using SPSS software.


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