Growing early days of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that

Growing tensions
are as high as they’ve ever been on the U.S. and Mexican border since the early
days of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that began in June of 2015. This
new administration is ruthless towards immigrants seeking a chance to grasp the
American Dream as seen by policies and proposals they have presented to the
American public over the past 2 years. The proposition of a 2,000 mile long
border wall between the United States and Mexico will not only affect those the
President seeks to keep out, the Mexicans, but will also directly affect
millions of American citizens. American and Mexican communities situated along
the border will face the stick end of problems with the erection of this border
walls. Inevitably this wall will not only become a physical barrier between
countries, but a metaphorical one as well. This wall will call for the
separation and ultimate demise of families who have come to this country in
hopes of obtaining the basic amenities of life that would otherwise be denied to
them in their native countries. These workers may face extended periods of time
away from their families, inadequate working conditions, and racial prejudice
on a daily basis. Many of these people have been living here for decades,
typically overstaying their visa limits. Overstaying visa limits is something
is a rising issue in this country, but nonetheless many do contribute to the
labor force in this country. Immigrants account for a significant portion of
the workforce, and so will their U.S. born children. If we were to weed out all
these people we would ultimately be left with a less productive workforce. The
United States could not afford to have decreased levels of productivity as the
levels of elderly who require social security and Medicare benefits rises.

These benefits are paid for by the taxes of these laborers. The current
administration has taken such a strong stance on the notion that somehow
immigrants are taking away millions of U.S. jobs and benefits. The hypocrisy in
this is uncanny. Mexican immigrants face financial, racial, and emotional
hardships beyond what is reported in mainstream media. Being able to live
comfortably, support your family, earn an education, and have equal
opportunities in the workplace to move up shouldn’t be something that is only
limited to natural born U.S. citizens, but everyone. Not only does the proposition
of stricter immigration laws and the “wall” concern family and moral dynamics,
but environmental ones as well. An immediate connection to this could be the
cooperation between our two nations over agricultural issues. Both the United
States and Mexico have been working collectively to ensure the safety and
health of crops on both sides of the border. This varies from pesticide use,
water irrigation limits, and protective rights over certain animals living
alongside the borderland. This wall would completely shatter the dynamics of
these bi-national farmers and how they work together with one another. The most
important environment issue that could be brought forth from President Trump’s
wall would be the water issue. How cooperative could these two nations now be
when the U.S. has so explicitly called for a separation between how intertwined
our two nations are. Issues will arise such as allocations of water that is
shared between us from the Rio Grande and Colorado River. Who gets what, how,
and for how much. With the rising temperatures due to climate change,
evaporation levels in water have increased rapidly. The borderland is already
is a place of limited water supply, the tension that would come along with the
wall would only make matters worse.  President Trump’s 2,000 mile long border wall
not only presents an unethical and immoral approach to fixing the immigration
issue in this country, but it is an unnecessary cost that neither the United
States or Mexico could even entertain the idea to fund.

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