Great contributor to my getting admission for studying Engineering

Great heights are not conquered in a day. Persistence of effort and single-minded pursuit of the goal make the task easier and the long arduous route to achieve success seems to be within grasp. Even as a migrating bird homes into its destination, I too am in view of the fulfillment of my dreams of becoming an engineer with a master’s degree in Computer Science.I have always been an intelligent student which is reflected by my rank in school which never went outside the top-25. My outstanding academic record was further enhanced by my 10th and 12th grade results where I scored 8.4 CGPA and 78.6% respectively. This academic history was a major contributor to my getting admission for studying Engineering in Information Technology from the Department of Information Technology, Shri G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA. Along with excellent learning skills, I have always been a very curious and inquisitive person which meant that I started learning C and C++  immediately after my 12th grade examinations as I was firm in my mind that I wanted to do Engineering in Information Technology.I had chosen Information Technology department for its academically stimulating atmosphere, excellent faculty and broad spectrum of courses, many of which have a strong mathematical flavor. And I continued to devour books, magazines and newspaper articles on the latest development in Information Technology. During my graduation at the Department of Information Technology, I have developed a keen interest in Programming Languages. I have taken many courses related to this field and have done consistently well in them. Courses such as Programming Languages, Language Processors (Compilers), Operating Systems have given me considerable exposure to this field & took me a step closer towards fulfillment of my goal of delving deeper into the world of computers & science. After learning the basics of engineering in first two semesters, we built a solid foundation of programming in the next two semesters.  While in my third year of undergraduate study, I learnt the concepts of ‘Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and programming language ‘Java’. These topics have fascinated me ever since. And I got a chance to implement both of them in my third year project ‘Test Conduction System’. I had the opportunity to study ‘Computer Graphics’ during my fourth (final) year. That’s when I realized how Graphics editor works by experiencing the subject itself. I am certain that my interest in this will increase by taking ‘Advanced Database’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as electives in my final semester of undergraduate study.After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology  with 3.34 G.P.A, I joined InfoBeans Technologies (P) Ltd. Limited as a Software Engineer. I took up a challenge of developing software in C/ C++ programming language as I do practically well in C/C++.I have developed different Networking, System, Hardware and Software   applications under Linux environment. My task also includes System Requirement Understanding, Research, Developing, Testing and Bug fixing. Apart from that, I was also learning to Database Applications. But I realized that in order to optimize my abilities and contribute more towards the company, it is essential to enhance my technical knowledge to a higher level.After working from previous company I got a chance to work with another company named eInfochips Ltd. I joined this company as an Engineer. My task includes requirement understanding, test cases and test data creation, manual and automation testing of systems and mobile, bug reporting. I also appreciated many times for the better communications with the client.I firmly believe that inquisitive and explorative attitude leads to constant learning process. The four years of baccalaureate studies gave me a whirlwind ride through the fundamentals of information technology. A colossal world of knowledge was waiting outside to be explored, which I firmly believed, will augment my competence in this profession. Augmenting my knowledge arsenal, keeping shoulder to shoulder with the latest developments in my field and treading on an incessant path to fulfillment – all this can be achieved only if I pursue a Graduate program in information technology.  Knowledge is all-powerful and love of knowledge is a prerequisite for any success in life. If education means merely book knowledge or the passing of periodical examinations, then I am afraid I feel enthusiastic about it. Education should be a medium for the unfolding of ones inborn faculties, enabling him to use his mind, eyes, ears, and hands, as they should be used. This is the kind of education I would want, and one that I know your university will equip me with. From a careful study of the department’s brochures and the advice of the faculty at MSU Vadodara, I have realized that ‘—– UNIVERSITY NAME —-‘ can provide me with a perfect environment for directing my mental resources towards independent research. I am confident of meeting the high standards of —– UNIVERSITY NAME —-. My active involvement and enthusiasm in my undergraduate studies and professional career, should serve as proof of my possessing the necessary qualities. You might ask as to why a degree from the United States of America only because it uses latest technology in the field of education. It has a flexible education system with multiple options and it focuses more on practical and research base environment.I am living here in India from 23 years and I love my parents and they are well settled here and my all property is here. I have some responsibility towards my parents as they have fulfilled all my wishes throughout my life. India is a developing country with an enormous potential in the information technology business. To serve the needs of this developing IT industry and more important its vast population, communications is going to become of utmost importance. Thus conditions here are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I return after completing my graduate studies.