Good aside my personal values and culture will help

Good body mechanics during routine activities reduces injury to the healthcare provider and the patient. Healthcare provider spends measurable and time bound in performing a task. Learning different principle of proper body mechanics help me to perform well in my daily activities. My new learned knowledge will inspire me to impart it to another person who do not have any idea of what is a good posture and alignment and how to decrease self-injury. These skills will help me to perform well during my clinical affiliation in the future. According to Thibodeau & Patton, 2007, body balance is also enhanced by proper posture, or the body position that most favors function, requires the least muscular work to maintain, and places the least strain on muscles, ligaments, and bones. As a healthcare provider, I will be accountable and liable for any injury that may cause my patient’s harm. This is an important thing to remember, to prevent and be knowledgeable to any complications and injuries that may occur. It is important to evaluate whether you can safely perform a task for the patient, identifying the personal risk that may harm the healthcare provider, the patient and yourself. Ensuring that the technique you are performing is well appropriate and beyond your scope of practice. But applying personal values will help me understand every situation such as being more sensitive in other culture practices and belief, in that case always respect their culture, setting aside my personal values and culture will help me communicate well with the patient. This is another reason why I am encouraged and well taught regarding proper body mechanics and know my personal distance to all my future patients because it will help me render a quality care well. The nursing job needs a lot of bending, pushing and lifting and it really necessary that educating students on proper body mechanics and its principle are very useful to me and everyone.