GOAL:You represents a clear analysis of achieved status, as

GOAL:You goal is to describe the behavior of the students in detention at Schirmer High School.ROLE:You are the janitor or the principal supervising the students in detention.AUDIENCE:The audience is your group of students serving Saturday detention: Andrew, Brian, John, Claire, and AlisonSITUATION:In the movie the principal asks the students to write a letter explaining, “Who You Think You Are”. You need to write a letter explaining to the students who you think THEY are.PRODUCT, PERFORMANCE & PURPOSE:You need to write an essay to the students applying the sociological theories we’ve learned in class to justify each student’s behavior. As the janitor or the principal, who do you think they are?STANDARD AND CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS:Your essay to the students needs to include: 5 theories, one for each student accompanied with an explanation for each student. How deviance is either justified or not according to your explanation. There should be a minimum 1500 words. (You can break down 300 words for each student)Analysis papers are the demonstration of a student’s ability to make connections between class discussions and popular media. The goal of the analysis paper is to explain how specific sociological elements are present in an in-depth manner. Analysis papers are NOT a film summary. Examples from the film are used to provide evidence of specific sociological factors, NOT a film review. A brief synopsis of the film may be included in the introductory paragraph.Analysis papers must follow standard 5-paragraph essay format. Your introduction must briefly summarize the film and include a detailed thesis. The thesis statement must clearly identify how that particular film show evidence of the specific concepts found on the film viewing sheet. A good example of a thesis statement might be:”The 1988 film “Stand and Deliver” represents a clear analysis of achieved status, as well as ethnic and economic stigma through the conflict perspective.” (This thesis tells the reader that the writer will be discussing ethnic and economic stigma as well as the relationship between those stigmas and achieved status. The writer also identified that they decided to perform their analysis of specific sociological terms according to the conflict perspective.)The body of the essay which elaborates your analysis : for this specific assignment, you will be having at least 5 paragraph which applies to each student in the film. A conclusion paragraph must be present. A conclusion paragraph should wrap us your ideas and reiterate your thesis.