Globalization a major impact on the global economy. The

      Globalization has changed rapidly. “Many
developing countries have attempted to accelerate their economic growth by
pursuing outward-oriented policies aimed at integration into the world
economy.”(Yin, Chang and Lee, 2014). This is what makes stressful situations
and affects to people around the world. The global economic situation is
showing that it should be change in the right direction and have minimal impact
on the well-being of the people in the world. The current world economy has
changed dramatically in many aspects. It also has implications for many areas,
such as global poverty, unemployment and the impact of technological
development. This is an important factor that has a major impact on the global
economy. The current world economy has changed dramatically and many aspects.
It also has implications for many areas, such as poverty issue, unemployment
and technological development. This is factors that have an impact on the
global economy and should be solved and find the best way to solve immediately.

            Firstly, nowadays the world has change all the time
especially poverty issue. Population   in
the world is too crowded. There is a growing chance that there will be a lack
of economic stability. And poverty also contributes to economic instability. It
is a social problem, such as crime, and the lack of educational opportunities.
Poor countries have a higher who gain low-income, compared with high-income
countries (Oxford University Press, New York, 2012). Poverty is a national
problem that needs help. Because these are the basic factors. Poverty and
inadequate income cause liver problems. It is easy to commit crimes. If a
person has insufficient income to cover his or her living expenses, such as
food, clothing, medicines and housing The person is often charged with the
offense, may steal, deceive, or mislead others. For the sake of valuables.
Property can be viewed in many ways. If it is easier to say poverty is the
shortage insufficient, both essential to life and lack of opportunity. For
example, access to educational systems. The opportunity to use good public
health services, which will lead to better job opportunities and future income.

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??Secondly, Due to the fact that economic growth faced with
problem in Asian crisis due to the impact of unemployment on other weak
economic indicators leading to defective government policies and
corruption(Imran, Mughal, Salman, & Makarevic, 2015). Unemployment still
remain and  concern of all economic
sectors and economic growth is a result of structural changes of the country.
Structural change can not contribute to economic growth if the social costs of
structural change still high and one of them is permanent unemployment. The
unemployment rate negatively affects the human well-being(Levine,2012). That’s
why the world population is facing unemployment problem, because the increase
in population and current graduates have increased dramatically and many students
do not work. Because of the economic system has changed all the time.
Unemployment is largely due to the need for graduates to find a stable job for
themselves, so many students face unemployment. And the main cause of
unemployment is changing the world of society has resulted in declining
employment and rising unemployment and the world’s population has been strained
and vulnerable to increased crime. The government should take urgent measures to
address the current problems and find the way to solution in the long run so,
unemployment is important and necessary for human-being.

     Thirdly, “In the past
few sections we have defined what globalization is, its effects on society and
its relationship with business.”(Lawlor, 2007). Certainly, the technology is
rapidly evolving, and new innovations are being made to make it appealing to
consumers. Technology is changing rapidly as the economy, because technology is
constantly evolving and competitive. These issues are directly affecting
consumers, because they give consumers a lot of choice and cause companies to
be faced the problem and stressful. Moreover, the use of technology is costly
and unnecessary, resulting in economic and environmental impacts. The change of
the production process of the modern world society. The engine is very active.
Various synthetic substances are used in the production process, causing
pollution in both air, water, and soil, which is more harmful to human beings,
animals and plants, and makes people unable to adapt to changes in technology.
Or limited access to modern technology. With the lack of capital. Lack of
knowledge skills. It will fall into a disadvantage in society. Workers lack of knowledge
and skills. Many unskilled laborers have been displaced from being replaced by
technology products. Postmodernism is the technological disparity with a rapid
development of technology. The result of the economic situation of the world.
Private businesses and individuals are more disparate. If anyone cannot adjust
to change. It will become a problem and it will be very much affected and the
use of machines instead of people will make the job lost a lot. Workers must be
discharged and employment rates increased. If you can not keep up with the
changes. I have to fall into a difficult situation. Even today the world is more
prosperous and prosperous If government not adapt to changes in technology. It
will become a country with economic and social decline and have more effect to

    In conclusion, the current world economy is
developing, but it does not develop all the sectors, finding some problems that
are still happening today. Economic globalization is very important for the
people in the world. First, government should make some policy to help people
who have no chance to study, work, living, etc. because nowadays, the world
economy is changing and progressing all the time. That’s make some group of
people in the world can’t catch up how the world change especially, poor
countries they can’t be able to know. So, the way to solve the problem is
government should change defensive measure for everyone who have no chance
which is living standard, education standard, labor standard and technology
should be cooperative with economic society and livelihood of people in the
world, and make people in the world have more opportunity and unity.