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Given clear proof that readers area unit currently finding Lean Thinking even additional relevant in their business lives than onceit had been 1st revealed, we’ve got determined to expand and reissue the book. partly I we have a tendency to make a case for some straightforward, unjust principles for making lasting price in any business throughout anybusiness conditions. we have a tendency to then show partly II a way to apply these principles, step by step, in real businesses, from massive to tiny. partly III, we have a tendency to show however a relentless specialize in the worth stream for eachproduct—from idea to launch and order to delivery, and from the upstream origin of the availability base all the methoddownstream into the arms of the client—can produce a real lean enterprise that optimizes the worth created for the customer whereas minimizing time, cost, and errors. within the 2 new chapters of half IV we have a tendency to bring the story of the continued advance of lean thinking up-to-date. we have a tendency to track the trend in inventory turns—the lean metric that can’t lie—across all industries, singling out one business for special praise. we have a tendency to conjointly track the progress of our profiled corporations. we have a tendency to discover that as economies have gyrated, stock markets have crashed, and also the poster corporations of the Nineteen Nineties hailed in alternative business books have flown a flight, our lean exemplars—led by Toyota—have defied the fate of most companies featured in prosperous business books. they needcontinued their organized march from success to success and have done it the laborious method by making real and actuallyproperty price for his or her customers, their workers, and their house owners. Finally, within the last chapter, we have a tendency to share what we’ve got ourselves learned since 1996 regarding lean thinking and its prosperous application by describing a variety of recent implementation tools. These begin with the idea of import stream mapping, that we’ve got found to be a motivating thanks to raise consciousness regarding price and its elements, resulting in action.In rewriting the book we’ve got corrected a number of minor errors and omissions within the original text. However, we’ve gotbeen careful to not amendment the folio. we all know that a lot of organizations use Lean Thinking as a text to guide their amendment method, distributing copies wide and infrequently together with their distributors and suppliers. so we have a tendency to needed to make sure that there’ll be no issue in interchanging the 2 editions.