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Gajendra Singh et. al 1, In this paper, a color image enhancement based on local processing approach is proposed. The algorithm which is used in this paper is in spatial domain. The local processing here means the operator which enhance the image is applied only in that are where it is needed.Proposed method takes place in three steps; initially luminance of image is enhanced by a non-linear transfer function. In second step, contrast enhancement is carried out using neighbourhood dependent approach and in the third step; tone reproduction is carried out by 2-D local Gamma correction.Subrat Prasad Panda 2, In this paper contrast enhancement issue is addressed. It is one of the most important task in image enhancement.It can be done in both domain i.e frequency domain and spatial domain. If it is done in spatial domain then the pixel intensity data of the image is mapped to new intensity level via an intensity level transformation function. The intensity level transformation function can be defined using some mathematical equation derived from the image pixel intensity information, such as in histogram equalization, or using mathematical equation for contrast stretching around a local pixel intensity, like in cubic spline interpolation. This paper proposes a new method of interpolation by using fuzzy logic interpolation.C.Narasimha et. al. 3,In this paper a comparative study of spatial domain filter is given.Various noise models are shown along with image particularly from medical background. Their probability density function is also given. Various denoising technique is applied on the noise and their PSNR and MSE is compared. Paper concluded that among these filter Median filter r gives the better performance when compared with the remaining filters.Shanto Rahman et. al. 4, In this paper, a short description of several techniques and algorithms used for image enhancement has been provided and  a comparative study of image enhancement techniques, their advantages, limitations and application areas are presented. Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), normalized cross-correlation (NCC),