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Furnishing your new home or room with fun and interesting items does not have to be a strain on the pocket. If you don’t have much space to work with, much more a considerable budget, you can make your own bean bag furniture, instead. Bean bags are not just eye candy for your room, but they are also very fun and cheap to make. Sure, you can purchase bean bags at a very low price, but nothing still beats the feeling of sitting on a piece of furniture that you yourself toiled over. Well, maybe, ‘toiled’ is not the right word — because making your own bean bag chairs is pretty easy. What’s more, you can experiment with different types of fabric. You can use leather, fur, plastic, or whatever comes to mind. Here’s how to make your very own bean bag chair:1. Lay the fabric on the patterns face down and secure with pins. You will need around 3.5 meters of fabric for a standard size bean bag. If you don’t have a pattern, you can simply search the Internet for free patterns. There are two basic ones — round and elongated. Smooth it out so its measurement is balanced. 2. Cut the fabric out with a sharp knife. You can use scissors but you have to make sure the pattern is securely aligned with the fabric so it doesn’t warp when you lift it. Allow about  half an inch outside your pattern so you can stitch it properly. Double stitch the seams to strengthen it. Remember, you’re making something you will sit on, so it has to be secure.3. Sew the panels on the bottom circle and then sew the remaining edges together, keeping the top part open. After you’ve done this, that’s the only time you can start sewing the top circle. Make sure you leave enough space to stuff the bean bag with polystyrene balls, or little pellets.4. Once you have finished stuffing, sew the opening tightly. Again, use the double stitch technique to make sure the pellets do not spill out accidentally once you use it. You can purchase these ‘beans’ at most department stores. It is important to sew tightly because the pellets are choking hazards and might harm your children.Making your very own bean bag can cost you around $70. This is still a hefty price, yes, but  at least you have the liberty of choosing your very own designs. Besides, the good bean bags for sale cost around $150 — and these are just the simpler ones. If you want really nice bean bags, you have to prepare to spend around $250! Now, how’s that for savings?If you have basic sewing know-how, making your very own bean bag will not be a problem. You can even make it a family activity and involve your kids in the process. Remember, bean bag chairs do not just have to be round. You can make star shapes, flower shapes, or even chair shapes. You can even pattern it to look like your kids’ favorite cartoon character, or use psychedelic prints to make it more interesting. Do-it-yourself bean bag making is not only a cheap way to add pizzazz to your room, but it is also a lot of fun. Call the kids and get creative now!