From world do not agree with him. To verify,

 From the past to the present, In America, immigrants come here to live and thrive in this country. However, immigration is changing currently. These changes are with controversial acts and started by prejudice corrupting the olden days. Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.   First of all, America in the olden days used to bring abused slaves into the country. For example, the text states, “one law in 1790 only allowed free white persons of good moral character who had lived in the united states for at least 2 years to become citizens.” (checkered history paragraph 6). Therefore, this means the citizens of America, where actually racist men and woman back in time and the slaves that where brought here against their will were treated as bad moral people. Another thing the olden days had were attacks occurring in many places. To illustrate, the author states, “At that time, Jews were being attacked in Russia.” (The Washington post Lazarus Jewish background). To support this claim, many Jewish families hid into other religions like Christianity. Even the Lazarus biography text has evidence supporting this claim. Currently the text announces that Lazarus’s father tried to make them blend into a Christian society because of their Jewish back story.    In addition, president Donald trump is the current day president of America. After a time of presidency, the president made a decision to ban seven countries with specific religions. In one case, the text it states, “He is also considering restricting refugees, or people fleeing from danger in their homelands, from coming to the united states.” (The checkered history paragraph 4). Logically, the president does these controversial acts to protect the citizens from violence and verbal threats. Though, some citizens and other people around the world do not agree with him. To verify, the text claims, “They say that American liberty means welcoming those in need, not turning them away” (words to protest with. The Washington post) In fact many Americans use the appraised poem titled “The New Colossus” as excuses to end trumps ban on seven countries. Moreover; both perspectives of the controversial ban have powerful pro’s and dreadful cons.   In conclusion, immigrants travel here to have better lives. Unfortunately, immigration is changing in the present day country. From controversies that include a president with specific religions to the change of going through an island to hope to be accepted into the safe hands of America to a requirement of money and a passport. These are the eventual changes of immigration.