Foundation-Degree-Year-1 7 7.0 References. 7 8.0 Bibliography. 7 9.0



Business and Project management

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Table of Contents
1.0        Introduction. 2
2.0        Section A. 3
2.1        Task 1- Company
overview.. 3
2.2        Task 2- Stakeholders. 4
2.3        Task 3- Functions. 5
2.4        Task 4- Company
environments. 5
2.5        Task 5- Business
improvements. 7
3.0        Section B. 7
4.0        Task 3 Title. 7
5.0        Task 4 Title. 7
6.0        Conclusion. 7
7.0        References. 7
8.0        Bibliography. 7
9.0        Acknowledgements. 7


















Section A


Task 1- Company overview

Damper Technology Ltd provides bespoke damper solutions to
industry all over the world and has over 30 years of archives to provide spares
and service for these products. The head office and manufacturing plant is in
the UK and there are subsidiaries in India, North America and Denmark. Damper
Technology Ltd was established in 2001 and the company has a history in the
Damper Industry back to 1965. All dampers designed and manufactured are bespoke,
so no two projects are ever the same. Industrial dampers are designed for use
in severe duty application with varying temperatures and pressures to
essentially control airflow and provide shut off in ducts or control systems (Welcome to DTL, 2018). DTL dampers are
designed for many different industries such as:

WHRU and HRSG Systems

Offshore / Oil & Gas

Power Generation


Stack Isolation

Cement & Metallurgical

Tunnel Ventilation

Gas & Diesel Engine Exhaust

Incineration Plants

Sulphuric Acid Process

Steel & Glass Manufacturing Plants


Fan Inlet Control

Water & Environmental Services

(Welcome to DTL, 2018)

Because all dampers that are manufactured by DTL are bespoke
it means that the company constantly must develop its products and expertise to
produce what the customer is asking for. For example, over the years DTL has
increased the number of contracts they can take on by improving knowledge and
skills to be able to manufacture dampers suitable for applications with much
higher temperatures and pressures. These are contracts that before DTL would
decline to even quote for. Furthermore, when the company began its life and
started manufacturing industrial dampers there was no market for servicing and
spares. However, over time more and more enquiries were coming in about this
which lead to DTL developing its own spares/services department and still
improving on this today.







Organisational structure-

Because of the way the company is structured it ensures that
any decisions or changes that are made are vigorously thought through and
checked with many opinions before they are implemented. In each department
there is an individual line manager responsible for their function, and then
above this there is a director responsible for the manager as well as the
department. This means anyone with an idea or decision to make can go to many
people for their thoughts or approval. Any new ideas must be put to a manager,
then director and then the managing director who makes all important decisions
for the company.


























Task 2- Stakeholders


Task 3- Functions


Task 4- Company environments


Internal environment- SWOT analysis

SWOT is an analysis method used to identify its internal
strengths and weaknesses, as well as its opportunities and threats so you can
internally access your company to see where you can improve your business.



Highly experienced staff some 10-20+ years in the industry
DTL have their own factory to manufacture dampers as well as good
links with other fabricating companies. The factory is also located 5
minutes’ walk from the office, so it is extremely easy to monitor progress of
DTL is a member of the “orbinox valves international group” where
members will pass on enquiries if they are better suited for other members
which increases the number of enquiries the company gets e.g. DTL don’t
supply valves so any enquiries we receive about valves we pass on to orbinox
and vice versa. This also allows DTL access to up to 50% off some items if
bought in the group so DTL can increase profit margins
DTL offers site servicing and spare parts for dampers that they manufacture
which some competitors don’t offer, some dampers that DTL service date back
to production 30 years ago
DTL in the last 5 years has taken advantage of developments in
technology to help improve the entire company process by investing in
software such as solidworks, AutoCAD, ACT! and SAP.

Ageing staff members which will have to be replaced when they retire,
company will lose their knowledge and experience
The capacity of some departments such as design and projects is
sometimes to the max or over which can restrict the sizes and number of jobs
we can have running in the UK
DTL in recent years has had a high labour turnover rate which has
meant new staff have had to come in and by trained to try to replace some
experience and knowledge lost
DTL is dependant and thrives on competing in selling the products
that they currently sell, so much so that there is little thought about new
opportunities and services that they could offer
Marketing budget is not the highest, at the start of the year DTL has
to decide what exhibitions they are going to attend, and which will yield the
best results as there isn’t enough budget to go to all of the ones we would
like to



Exhibitions and trade shows are available to attend in many different
sectors where DTL can potentially gain new customers or build relationships
with other companies
With the recent political situation regarding Brexit new trade deals
could be a massive opportunity for DTL to gain new customers
More online advertising could be a huge opportunity for DTL because
the internet is now the only real way customers are able to look for
industrial damper manufacturers, the higher DTL are in the search result the
more likely chance of getting more business
The recent 2016 opening of the office in Denmark will grow as an
opportunity as the staff over there develop their skills and the office
continues to grow as this allows the company on the whole to take on more
On the 28th of November 2017 DTL announced group
partnership with AVK Industrial Valves in Poland which could potentially
bring in a lot of business from that part of Europe
To combat the ageing staff the company could be looking at setting on
new apprentices after a few have recently just finished there qualification

Competitors such as flowrite could potentially begin to offer
customers lower prices than us and take customers away from DTL
The decline in the oil and gas industry could soon begin to affect
DTL as a large amount of their business comes from this industry
Other industrial damper manufactures may have bigger marketing
budgets and can attend more exhibitions potentially taking some business away
The recent closure of a fabricator DTL has worked with for a number
of years known as chieftain fabricators in Newcastle has left the company
with one less option for the manufacture of there products


External environment- PESTLE analysis

PESTLE analysis is a method used to identify all the various
external political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental
factors that might affect a business. This allows you to look at any decisions
that could be made to benefit the business from thee external effects.

P (political)

E (economic)

S (social)

T (technological)

L (legal)

E (Environmental)

The recent political
news regarding Brexit will affect trade deals which will directly affect DTL
business with customers outside the UK



Advances in
CAD software which is constantly developing and changing could easily affect
the way DTL design the dampers

Changes in
health and safety legislation relative to

regulations could be changed relative to materials that DTL use in their dampers




Advances in machinery
could change the methods DTL use to manufacture dampers


Energy prices and
availability are likely to change in the future as we being to run out of fossil




Technical changes
to products such as actuators and positioners could directly affect the way DTL
produces its dampers






Rival companies
could gain developments in there technology to produce dampers better than DTL
























Task 5- Business improvements


Section B