Fossil through a process called fission. Fission is where

            Fossil fuels have been staple
source of power since the industrial revolution. However more recently nuclear
energy has become more popular. Nuclear energy is created through a process
called fission. Fission occurs when a uranium atom is split inside a reactor.
The heat that is created through this process is used to create steam which
spins a turbine and creates electricity. The increase in nuclear energy use can
be attributed to the negative aspects of using fossil fuels. The problem with
fossil fuels is firstly the process in which they are mined. Which can be
dangerous and is bad for the environment (Add more about mining). Second is
that when fossil fuels are burned they release carbon dioxide, methane and
other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gas emissions are
the key culprits of climate change, and the rising temperatures that the earth
is experiencing (Nuclear Energy institute 1).

  All of
the negative aspects of using power from burning fossil fuels. Has led to the
search newer cleaner forms of power. Nuclear energy has partially fulfilled
this request.

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energy does not require the any fossil fuels, in fact it has nothing to do with
fossil fuels. The process of creating nuclear energy as mentioned above is done
through a process called fission. Fission is where you a uranium atom inside a
reactor. The energy that is harnessed from the fission process is used to heat
water, and that water is then turned into electricity (Nuclear Energy Institute
2). There is also a way to turn the energy from the process of Nuclear Fusion
into electricity. Nuclear fusion is the process of merging the nuclei of two
atoms together and getting the energy from to create electricity. However
nuclear fusion has its own problems. The process of getting nuclear fusion can
be very dangerous and the research to make it safer is very expensive. Because
of all of this nuclear fusion is not currently be utilized as a power source
(Duke Energy 1).