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For this paper I went to the Museum of Natural History, Located on Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024 . I saw many interesting artifacts and artworks. But one piece that caught my attention was the Neanderthal exhibit. This hominid form was typically short in size and had a little skull. The latest artifact that was digged up of the neanderthalensis was in 1856, but there was not much pieces to completely had full detail of the skeletal structure to tell the specific neanderthal. Many refer the neanderthal people as the “caveman”. They also had a wider rib cage and outward pelvis area.    In this exhibit they had the actual skeletal structure of the neanderthal, of course the bones looked very old and rusty, and as described before they were very short and wide rib cage. In this exhibit they had many other similar themed scene if you say, like other human form species for example the Modern human, The Neanderthal Campsite exhibit, and had a scene of living conditions called Life during the Ice age, and Another exhibit called The Flores Hominid. What I found interesting on the neanderthal’s is how much they looked like apes. In the back they had a picture of ow they would look with hair and skin and they really looked like apes, I just thought about how evolution really changed through time to how we look now.I decided to do some of my own research and according to sources the Neanderthals became extinct almost 40,000 years ago. They were first found in Europe and later expanded to  many parts in Asia. It is to be said the us Modern human share almost 99.7 percent of DNA with them, And are 98.8 percent related to chimpanzees, which I found interesting.The Neanderthals were known to be very strong physically, they were good hunters,    and the were able to take down largest animals, in 2006 scientist in the Republic of Georgia found large bulks of bones that resembled to mountain goats that were killed by them, these goats were huge in size, fast, and hard to catch, so trying to get on, much skill needed . Around 1950’s scientists started to make many discoveries that challenged stereotypes that they had. In 1957, anthropologist searching around in a cave in northern iraq, they got remains of 8 adults and 2 infants, they had flowers. Some of them showed signs of injuries that were healed, that showed that they care about their wounded and ill ones and how a form of first aid treatment.Neanderthal’s also had a diverse set of tools made out of stones, fire setups, a form of music, some say they also communicated through songs, also knew about how medicine works to the body and certain plants. Some ideas of interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals exist too. There has been some genetic evidence to back up this theory. In 2010, It was discovered that 1  to 4 percent of Neanderthal DNA is detected in Modern Humans, Approximately the interbreed happened 60,000 years ago.  This relates to class because we have talked about this is class, but also it involves the evolution of people. Also dives in the history of a different time in how people lived and a different civilizations.