For and Gas, Pulp and Paper, and Power sectors.

For this exercise I am
assuming that I am looking for a summer job that would assist in exposing me to
civil engineering practices and common duties that a civil engineer would
complete on a day to day basis. My goal is to be able to use the information
found to identify a preferred position, then tailor a résumé that could be used
to apply for one of the postings.


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I worked last summer in
an industrial setting at the Hytec Acrylic and Gel bathtub plant in Armstrong British
Columbia. In this position I was responsible for quality control and efficient
application of a resin-fiberglass mixture to the exterior of the gel-coated
molds. I felt that being exposed to this type of environment was very useful
though I felt that I would be better suited to more complex work that would
improve the efficiency and performance of the facility. Other past job
experience included working at the Armstrong McDonalds restaurant for two years
where I attained the position of crew trainer.

Currently enrolled in the
second year of my Civil Engineering degree, I have studied 3D design, data analysis,
statistics, and materials in addition to foundation courses. I am well
organized and communicate effectively and work well in groups and individually.

I am currently conducting
research on potential job summer job positions, although I am also considering
taking summer school to study biology. The biology classes are recommended
courses for medical school and do not fit into my current engineering schedule.


As I completed research
on various engineering positions for summer work, I was able to find three postings
that were either close to where I live during the summer or were of greater
interest to me personally. The three postings are for Allnorth Engineering Consultants,
Ontario Power Generation, and Tolko Industries.


The Allworth Company began
at an engineering office in Prince George and has grown to be involved in the
Mining, Infrastructure, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, and Power

(With office locations from Nanaimo to Halifax, Allnorth
provides their employees, as well as their partners and clients, opportunities
to succeed.  Their core values are based on
their idea of the Triple Bottom Line which emphasizes the importance of the
bond between their people, clients and partners, and profitability in order to
create a successful business. In addition to their values, Allnorth is
dedicated to preserving the communities and environments in which they operate
and are also committed to a culture of safety for all their employees.)

I found the posting for a
Civil Engineering Student at Allnorth on the job posting site “Indeed”. I
became interested in this posting because it provides the opportunity to be
exposed to many aspects of civil engineering, from the preparation of civil
engineering designs to construction inspection and quality control. This
position would offer me valuable experience and allow me to find more aspects
of the profession I am interested in, such as infrastructure design.

I believe that I am an
acceptable candidate for this position as I fulfill all of the necessary
requirements. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree for Civil
Engineering through which I have been able to develop strong communication
skills, both oral and written. I have demonstrated over the last two years of
the engineering program that I am able to contribute and collaborate with team
members to produce a high-quality product in multiple design projects using 3D
design tools such as Solidworks. This process involved developing a product that
was unique, providing design specifications and producing 3D drawings.  As I hold a valid class 5 drivers license, I
would be able to move to Kamloops for the duration of the term.

I believe that this position
is the one for which I am best suited as it is closer to home and provides the opportunity
to experience many aspects of civil engineering.


Ontario Power Generation
is Ontario’s largest and lowest cost energy provider that powers around half of
the homes and businesses in Ontario through 66 hydroelectric stations. The
company values safety, integrity, excellence, and people to provide sustainable
and reliable power generation which positively impacts the economy and
communities in which they operate.

The posting for the civil
engineering developmental student was found on the job posting site “Indeed”.
Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the position involves assisting with the
monitoring, maintenance, and inspection of the Sir Adam Beck generating
station. This posting was of interest to me as it is focused on large-scale
infrastructure design and maintenance as well as other aspects of civil
engineering design projects. I
was also introduced to aspects of the power system as both of my parents have
worked for BC Hydro, which helped spur my interest in the subject of power
production. Though the location is far from where I currently live, a
change in location would serve as a learning experience and allow me to
completely immerse myself into a new work environment.

I am a qualified
candidate for this position as I will have completed the two years of civil
engineering studies and will be returning to my studies after the four-month
work term. During my engineering studies, I have studied data analysis and am well
organized and detail-oriented. These skills would prove useful in the monitoring
of systems and maintaining engineering databases. I have also used Solidworks
and AutoCAD design software in design projects and acquired fundamental
computer skills.

TOLKO INDUSTRIES – Armstrong, British Columbia

Tolko Industries is a
forest product company based in Vernon, British Columbia with over 3000
employees. The company provides wood supplies both domestically and
internationally as they strive to be a top forest products company through
their emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

The posting for quality
control students at Tolko’s Armstrong plant was found on the job posting site “Indeed”.
This position involves the continuous improvement of systems and problem
solving through root cause analysis. My interest in the position was due to the
emphasis on quality control and optimization as I believe myself to be a detail
oriented person who enjoys solving problems and implementing solutions. Though
the position is not purely founded on engineering knowledge, it does use the
principle of optimization from engineering to solve problems which would be a useful
skill to apply in future career opportunities.

The qualifications for
this position stated that the applicant must be enrolled in a post secondary
program in a related field, such as engineering. I possess the organizational
and interpersonal skills to be able to work effectively in both groups and alone.
Through my past work experience at Kohler, I have been exposed to industrial
production lines and understand the importance of quality work in large-scale
production and processing.