For about more than 100,000 mentally ill prisoners in

For years now there have been more mentally ill in prisons than in mental hospitals. The mentally ill are treated horribly in prisons compared to those that are not ill in there. In the article Prisoners and Mental Illness the author claimed  “Jails are the wrong place to treat mentally ill people, Dart wrote, calling it a ‘nightmare'”(2). They do not belong in prisons, they belong in an institution where they will get help. They are treated worse and are abused in prisons. The mentally ill come in prisons having dementia, alzheimer’s, depression, and many more illnesses. They tend to find themselves isolated and most likely might lash out at everyone. There are about more than 100,000 mentally ill prisoners in prisons worldwide. Those that enter prisons are not treated properly. Criminalization of the mentally ill has become a serious health problem and that our prison system should focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishment. A solution would be that mentally ill do not belong in prisons they belong in a healthcare institution. Prison will make the mentally ill not have proper treatment, behavioral problems, we’ll have them be abused, and have them feel left all alone.Placing the mentally ill in prison is problematic because they will not have the right treatment directed to them, therefore they should be in a hospital. They will become worse than what they already are if not treated properly. In the article “Mental Hospital Care is better than Prison” by Chandra Bolzeko that “The public seems convinced that the perceived link between mental illness and violence justifies essentially imprisoning someone for a medical condition”(Bozelko 1). Why put someone who is ill in Prison ? That does not make any sense. The public is cruel and does not care for the sick. Mentally ill do not get the proper treatment while in prison because either the nurse in there is always busy with other inmates, or the guards refuse to give it to them because they do not care. If they are not treated correctly they can become more sick. Prisons are incapable of handling what the ill prisoner can do. They are not experienced enough to help them, that’s why they need to be sentenced to a mental hospital or psychiatric hospital. Also, once they leave prison, they will leave sicker. They deserve the right to be treated to the right treatment and that is certainly not in prison. A solution to this will be either providing more nurses or having them sent to a mental hospital where they will be safe and treated.Mentally ill inmates have behavioral problems such as lashing out at guards and other inmates while in prison. However, in a mental hospital they would be provided with proper treatment such as therapy sessions or psychotropic medication that will rehabilitate their mental health. In the article “Confining the Mentally Ill In Prison is Ineffective and Inhumane” says “When they are overcrowded and have multiple personalities and have multiple individuals who are loudly and hallucinating or manic, they become living hells”(Torrey 4). This being said that mentally ill have serious conditions that can cause them to do things you would not expect them to do. They tend to act out and see things. They can have bipolar disorder, which causes them to have different mood swings. That can be very dangerous because they can hurt themselves or anyone near them. In the article it also mentioned “A man tried to drown himself in the jail toilet”(Torrey 4). Mentally ill are not meant to be in prisons, they do things to themselves that only a mental hospital can help them with. A prison only makes things worse for them. Although mentally ill inmates can commit dangerous crimes they are vulnerable because of their inability to be aware. While in prison  mentally ill can be beaten, abused, or sexually harassed. More cameras should be placed all around the prison to prevent such treatment. The article  “Confining the Mentally Ill In Prison is Inhumane” mentions how “Mentally ill prisoners are victimized much more frequently than other prisoners”(Torrey 4). They are tortured more than the prisoners who are not ill. Guards take advantage of the mentally ill because they are delusional and not aware sometimes of what is going on. They get raped by guards and make them do sexually things to them. They are also being abused by them. They get hit by guards for not listening, beaten, and get strapped down to there bed for hours. They don’t deserve punishment from the guards just because they are ill and not aware of what they are doing. That is torture and they do not deserve that type of harm to them. Also, other prisoners well hurt them and beat them up for something they did like yelling loudly or acting out. Prisoners don’t have the right to abuse mentally ill just because they are annoyed by them or don’t have sympathy at all for them. Being tortured for being ill should be a violation to a mentally ill persons rights. They don’t deserve to be humiliated by guards or anyone else.Lastly, mentally ill usually feel left alone and are left in solitary confinement. They she be allowed to have someone with them like a nurse or anybody in the health field that can help them. So, that they won’t feel alone.The mentally ill are left  alone in a very small cell by themselves with no one to talk to. In the article it mentioned “Prisoners with moderate to severe mental illness now makeup the majority of those in solitary”(Torrey 5). Mentally ill are the ones mostly in solitary confinement now when they have no human interactions or no help towards them. They can be stuck in solitary confinement for days, weeks, or even months. The isolation feeds on the mentally ill making them have more hallucinations and paranoia. The danger changes from what they may do to others to what they may do to themselves. They become to commit suicide, start cutting themselves, and injuring themselves like banging their head on the walls. They receive less care from guards or the nurses there.  Mentally ill should not be felt alone and should receive the help they need to be better. Solitary confinement damages them.There are many people that believe that the mentally ill do belong in a prison, which honestly they do not. They belong in a health institution that can keep up with their mental health and provide them all the treatment they need to become better. In prison mentally ill are usually placed in solitary confinement which they are left all alone. In an article called “Pros and Cons of Solitary Confinement, it mentioned “One of the main reasons why solitary confinement is needed is for the safety of guards and other inmates”(Pro and Cons”. Yes, it does provide safety so no one can get harmed, but that is torture to someone who is mentally ill. It makes things worse for them, it will drive them more crazy. In the same article it mentioned that “If someone is being isolated in cell, he would be stripped of the feeling of having control over his surroundings, which can result in increased anxiety, paranoia and claustrophobia”(Pro and Con). Being isolated all alone in a cell for a mental person can cause them to be afraid and very frightened. Isolation is a right that is taken away from mentally ill people. Mentally ill suffer so much in a prison. It makes their lives harder and worse. They deserve a second chance, that’s why they belong in a health institution. Instead of arguing whether or not mentally ill do or do not belong in prison, look at all the problems they face if they are in prison. They should not be tortured any more than what they have been going through already before being in there. They have been going through hell with being ill already, they need to be in a mental hospital and be provided with professional help.Overall, sending the mentally ill to prison is morally wrong and they need to be sentenced to mental hospitals or any health care facilities that can help them. Yes, those that are sent to prison did make a mistake, but they are not aware of what they did and should not be punished but helped so that later on they do not commit the same mistake. The prison system should know that they need the right help from professionals and need to be treated immediately and that they won’t get the right treatment in a prison. They need people who will listen to them and actually be able to help them and make them become more understanding of themselves and what they do. I believe that sending the mentally ill to a health institution can help their well being because a prison is torture and they do not deserve torture for not being aware of their actions. We need to let not just the state, government, or president but also the society and people know that the mentally ill are not responsible for what they cause because they are sick and need to be treated properly.