Football at the end of their career. They live

is the most popular sport in the world. Thousands and thousands of people watch
football, spend their money on it and admire the players. In the old days,
football wasn’t really profitable, and men played just for passion. The
salaries weren’t not so high, the clubs didn’t have too much money. Nowadays,
Football is becoming a very big market that generates billons of billons each
year. In fact, the clubs are bigger, richer so the players earn astronomical
sums. To the average human being the thought of earning $100,000 dollars a week
for any job, quite rightly, would appear more than a little inflated. Many
people see soccer, and professional athletics in general, as a profession or a
past-time, which lead them to question: how the players can justify their
six-figure weekly salary. The salaries of players are they justified? In 2016,
according to the magazine L’EQUIPE, the average salary of a football player in
France is 550 000 euros per year, meanwhile some people work the society
as doctors, firefighters, policemen are paid for much less. According to these information,
everyone is asking himself if football players are they overpaid?  


            Football players earn a lot of money,
but they are not overpaid because of some constraints about their careers and
their aptitudes. It’s difficult to be performant for longtime at a high level.
The injuries, the competition and the high number of good football players make
the possibility of long career so low.

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fact, they have short career. Athletes careers start early and end young. Football
players start playing approximately at fifteen to stop at thirty years
(FirstNews,2016, para.6). Because of this, they cannot be paid at the same
price than other jobs such as teacher or doctor. Football is an exigent
activity, they got to train every single day and be competitive, either they
will be fired from their team and their career could be shorter than fifty
years. Especially that they don’t have pension at the end of their career. They
live only with what they earn when they played.

they have special skills. Some players are paid according to their skills,
abilities, and capacities. About that, Dr Peter said, “The more unique the
skillset the individual possesses the higher the potential Salary” (Dr Peter
Dawson,2016, para2). There are many football players in the world, but the best
paid are those who got a very special talent, like Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi etc… The
talent add to practice is what the clubs attending from players.

addition to it, we are seeing that football is, nowadays, a big market for the
teams, football players, fans and enterprises.

football players are literally a brand themselves. “The players can only be
paid so much because the person paying them is selling their work for more and
making a profit on it” (Jason Severiano,2015, para20). They are sponsoring by
many companies, selling jerseys, shoes and accessories. In gross, their
notoriety create revenue for themselves and the society. 

football is a source of pleasure for the fans. People think constantly about
soccer, they spend money to buy the newest shirt of their team and tickets for
match. The large majority of TV spectators watch football games in prime time
and listen radio programs that only talk about soccer… People spend a large
fraction of their income and time on soccer (Barcelona GSE,2015, para12). The
fans live for their clubs. When they are at the stadium, they get hysterics
when their team score, they track down players for pictures or autographs. They
love this game.




all these realities, people are dismayed and shocked about the excessive
salaries of the players.

reality is that, football players don’t save life. Young football players with
no studies whatsoever earn tens of million euros a year by just kicking a ball
for one hour and a half once a week whereas doctors who studied and saved lives
everyday earn 500 times less (Barcelona GSE,2015, para1). Football is a leisure
and a source of distraction. According to it, the fact that they earn more
money than indispensable workers for the society seems unfair.

there is some social inequalities in the society. All the money gave to
football players should be invested in programs to fight hunger and other
problems more important in the world (Barcelona GSE,2015, para16). The world
suffers from many problems like poverty, unemployment, drought, meanwhile
football players earn fortunes that they cannot spend during their life.


conclusion we can relate that the football is today a big industry within the
players, according to their careers, skills and market value earn a lot of
money, justified or not. The salaries and player’s selling will increase
exponentially in the years to come. But the federations, to regulate this
phenomenon, create “Financial fair-play”, a system to reduce the disparity and
the abuses about the spending in this sport environment. Government established
taxes on salaries to help young football associations and fight against social
inequalities around the world. Football players just do their jobs, they didn’t
choose to be extremely paid to chock or impoverish other people. Football
players are not overpaid.






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