Food the Queen of Spain has crossed the threshold.

and drink offering of Rome


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Italy has a
pull around the world for many various reasons for tourists, one being its food
and drink offering. Italy is renowned for the creation of pizza and spaghetti
and many other foods. The food in ancient Rome revolved around four staple
foods, which even today, dominate restaurant menus and kitchen tables: cereals,
olive oil, wine and vegetables. The most common food used by the Italians would
be the tomato, it arrived in 1548 from the new world which was originally used
for decorative purposes. The Italians were hesitant to eat them as variations
of it were viewed as poisonous but peasants in south of Italy eventually began
to cook them. (food in the roman world, 2018)

While the world
talks about Italian food, the romans only talk about ‘roman food’. Each of
Italy’s regions has their very own cuisine. This is why food tours are so
popular in Rome, which is more an experience than just tasting food, some bring
you to the markets where you taste the best street food while taking in the
area, while other tours bring you to some of the oldest restaurants in Rome
such as La Campana a family run restaurant with traditional foods which is 500
years old. Some famous guests have also visited the resultant over the last few
centuries’ such as Picasso and Guttuso, even the Queen of Spain has crossed the
threshold. (eating daily food tours Rome, 2018)

Another major
food source in Rome is its infamous gelato, a tourist can taste test in the
oldest gelato restaurant in Rome called the Palazzo del freddo, the
140-year-old gelato bar serves over 30 flavours. It is popular as ever today
and has branches even in South Korea, the bar can offer numerous goodies such
as cassata, tartufo and ice cream cakes in flavours like pineapple, hazelnut
and banana and other signature dishes. In the winter time it will serve hot
chocolate, sweet crepes and hot ice-cream. (romes 10 oldes restaurants ,

According to
the guardian the top five restaurants in the city of Rome are the following; (10 best
restuants rome, 2018)

Fortunato al Pantheon

‘The general menu offers classic pasta like spaghetti alle
vongole and in season they serve delicious tagliolini with white truffles and
fresh funghi porcini.’



‘This small restaurant near Campo dei Fiori is lively and
inviting with its beamed ceilings and stone arches.’


Il Convivio di Troianai

‘This is great designer food and people are encouraged to
order a series of half portions to create their own tasting menu.’


La Tavernaccia

‘Family-run, frequented mainly by locals and cheerfully
chaotic, but the service is warm and friendly and the food is good Roman fare.’


Il Tempio di Iside

‘Francesco and Cristina are passionate, often driving to two
fish auctions a day to get the finest catch. The fish here deserves the
ultimate Italian accolade: “It knows the sea”.’



In 1570 Europe
was introduced to coffee by a venetian physician, Prospero Alpini. The first
Italian town to appreciate drinking in public places was in Venice, coffee had
the reputation of an ‘aristocratic drink’ and the trend spread across all
social classes. The most famous coffee based drinks have Italian names such as:
espresso, cappuccino and macchiato. Italy, pope Clement VIII was asked by his
advisors to ban coffee as it was a favourite drink of the ottoman empire, who
was a threat and it was considered to be the drink of the devil condemned by
the roman clergy. It is said that the pope tasted the coffee and loved it and
then was considered to have baptised coffee therefore officially approving it
as a beverage for Christians. The espresso is probably Rome’s favourite and the city has a
wealth of coffee bars to cater to the Roman habit of taking four or five a day. (history of
coffee, 2018)

In Rome one of
the oldest coffee house is café Greco which has been open since 1760. The prime
location in an area once recognised as an expat neighbourhood meant that people
such as Lord Baron Byron or the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The prices
range from €6 to €10 for different types of coffees. The walls are adorned
with art and souvenirs creating a wonderful atmosphere. Food can be chosen from
a menu and from a beautiful cabinet full of cakes, pastries and sandwiches. (Romes oldest
coffee bar, 2018)

According to CNN travel, they judged the
best top 10 coffee shops in Rome with a score out of 10 in the following
categories; coffee, ambiance, location, food and service.

These are the best coffee shops;

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè

With a score
of 36 the owners regularly travel to Brazil to select the best
coffee beans from Maya descendants, export the coffee to Rome and pack and sell
it to the public.

Bar del Cappuccino

with score of
37, sketching in the coffee flowers, apples and
hearts ‘He’s a kind of coffee artist’. The cafe, small
and cozy, serves delicious pastrami pizzas with mozzarella and broccoli.


is a modern
city cafe with great decor and a great atmosphere in the heart of Rome’s
shopping centre. The glass window entrance faces Augustus’ Mausoleum. It has a
score of 38.


with a
phenomenal score of 50, The wrought iron tables outside and
sophisticated coffee room with old wooden decor and marble floors of the 1920s
create a warm ambiance.

The Stravinskij Bar at the
Hotel de Russie

This is the
place “to see and be seen” in Rome: the Stravinskij Bar is an exclusive classic-contemporary meeting point
in one of the city’s best five-star hotels, dating to the 1800’s


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