Firstly, strength because of zero gravity. Chris Hadfield also

Firstly, one of Chris Hadfield’s ultimate successes in an
experiment was when him and his crew set a station record by spending 71 hours
on science on the last week of February. The research that he revealed was
revolutionary for the world’s space studies, this research revealed new
information on Alpha Magnetic spectrometer that announced clues into the Dark
Matter. Many of the experiments that he tested required a great deal of
physical strength because of zero gravity. Chris Hadfield also was the first
Canadian astronaut to ever walk in space in history, which is an enormous
accomplishment.  He has demonstrated many
experiments to help humankind to develop their knowledge on things beyond our
world. Chris has displayed many of his experiments online to connect with
people with curiosity about space. People were intrigued by how well he
explains information and that made many more people interested in his field of


Through Chris Hadfield’s videos and photos captures from
space, he had many people interested in his job. On January 17,2013 Chris
Hadfield connected to students in an elementary school in Toronto and chatted
with the students through a video chat. The students were stunned when they saw
the affect the zero-gravity had on Chris Hadfield and the other astronauts
aboard the international space station. The students were all drawn in and
asked plenty of questions to understand how the lifestyle is in space, Chris
kept the students intrigued by preforming experiments to demonstrate better for
the students to understand. Chris Hadfield also has made a song to inform
others of what to expect from life in space, the song was performed with people
on earth while Chris Hadfield himself was in the international space station at
the time. Chris Hadfield has connected to a bulk of people through social media
especially twitter. Chris Hadfield does not use social media like other
astronauts, Chris likes to connect and share his thoughts in a person to person
way making the publish less formal. That is the reason he has gained many
followers over the 166 days he was up in the international space station.

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Thirdly Chris Hadfield’s motivational strive to becoming an
astronaut. Chris Hadfield is one of the most famous astronauts to ever live, he
has made such a big impact on people from his life story. Chris Hadfield was
born in Sarnia, Ontario on the 29th of august 1959, he grew up
living in a corn farm with his parents and brother. Chris was set up to become
a farmer like his parents, but Chris had another idea in mind for his future
which was to become an astronaut. Chris Hadfield used to fly with his father
and brother whenever he could. At the time Canada did not have an astronaut
program so Chris learned the mechanics working on vehicles around the farm.
Chris Hadfield joined the air cadets and continued his way up to the RCAF, he
became an experimental test pilot flying many different types of aircrafts.
Chris Hadfield wanted to be prepared to be flying in a rocket ship, which he
accomplished in 1995. Chris worked in Russia becoming a chief of robotics and
installing the “Canadarm2”. Chris Hadfield was determined to become
an astronaut and he persevered through all the obstacles in his way to reach
his goal.