Firstly, child will most likely eat unhealthy meals. If

Firstly, one of the main reasons why parents are responsible for childhood obesity is because they provide the food their kids eat. Since children are restricted from most jobs, parents are the ones making money which means they are responsible for supplying their children with food. According to the article, “Tackling Obesity- Who is Responsible for it?” Professor Marie Murphy claims “During early childhood, parents are the main source of children’s food and drink”. Considering parents are the main providers of the foods the children consume, they are the ones causing obesity because of all the unhealthy foods and drinks they buy. Parents can endanger their children’s lives because they feed their kids unhealthy food that can cause health problems, when they have a wide variety of healthy foods to choose from. According to David Barboza “When parents go to the grocery store they don’t buy the healthy food options that are offered” (“If You Pitch It, They Will Eat It”). Even when parents have access to healthy foods, they tend to buy fast food. They use the excuse of coming home tired after working all day. Daniel Weintraub claims, “It’s not easy, especially when both parents are working, or there is only one parent in the home. Fast food is fast” (The battle against fast food begins in the home).Secondly, the second reason why parents are responsible for this growing epidemic is because their parents are their role model. So when a child sees their parent eat unhealthy the food they will follow their lead. When a child is surrounded by many unhealthy factors it will make it much harder to be active and much more easier to overeat. If a parent doesn’t prepare healthy meals then the child will most likely eat unhealthy meals. If the parent doesn’t discipline themselves to eat healthy then they will not push their child to eat healthy. Unfortunately, parents nowadays lack knowledge and the education to stop obesity. One example why parents are the main responsible for this health issue is because dessert is a reward. If the child behaves correctly then the parent will reward them with a dessert. Another example maybe that parents enforce their children to finish their plate which causes the child to stretch their stomach when instead they should just eat until they’re full.   Thirdly, some parents believe they are not responsible for childhood obesity and believe that the media actually plays an important role in childhood obesity. For example, after school or even on weekends a child spends their free time either watching television, playing video games or even on their smartphone, this causes the child to be lazy and inactive. According to some parents they also believe that exposure to television ads for unhealthy products also causes a key risk to childhood obesity. When a child sees an unhealthy commercials for i.e. McDonalds it will obviously increase the chances of them wanting to eat there. Children lack self control which puts them emotionally attached to eating unhealthy.  In conclusion, childhood obesity is an important public health issue because it is increasing rapidly. Parents should be aware of what their kids are eating and limiting their time watching television, playing video games, or on their smartphones. There is no single or simple solution to cure childhood obesity but the key to solving this starts mainly with the parents and their environment.