First the spouse. I believe, every single day of

First and foremost, what is stress and immune
system and how does it link to each other?

Stress is pressure or tension exerted by
someone or maybe an object. Whereas, immune system is organs and processes
happened in the body such as like how the body pumps blood, your cells, tissues
and organs. There are two types of immunity in the immune system.

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One of it is natural immunity which defends

against pathogens, a germs that can actually
become a disease. Another is specific immunity which has delays response to a
specific invader.


So, relating stress to immune functioning,
they are related in so much ways like

Firstly, different kinds of stressors create
different demands on the person and therefore show different effects on
immunity. Example, If one has a problem outside, someone will either face it or
run away from it. The term is called fight or flight. Whereas, if someone has a
problem inside of the person such as having such diseases that could be life
threatening and chronic, for instance, having cancer. There is no choice but to
have that someone to face it and maybe use the emotion coping methods to
lighten the burden.


Secondly, Stressors can lead to altered immunological functioning. What exactly it
means, is, by right our immune system can actually detect any fight any
pathogens, germ that can cause disease. However because of the stress that we
have, it is difficult for the immune to actually take charge and fight the
pathogens. Therefore, it alters the immunological functioning of the body.


commonplace stressors can adversely affect the immune system. One example that
I can give you is when someone got divorced by the spouse. I believe, every
single day of her/his life is filled with stress thinking maybe about work,
about the filling of divorce, about being heartbroken and all that jazz. This
can make one to feel sad, depressed. Some react differently by being hostile,
developed anxiety and such. By developing stress everyday due to such issues,
will actually make their cells to regrow slower, what is on the mind will be
affected thus why some people will tend to have the easier way out by suicide.
So with such issue, I feel that one can adversely affect the immune system by
making the immune system weak, feeling of giving up and such.


Such negative
effects can actually happen in between the relationship of immune functioning
in humans. Depression can develop as mentioned earlier above. What depression
actually do is that it decreases in cellular immunity, have someone to have sleep
disturbance and ,it prolongs inflammatory responses, delays wound healing when
someone has wounds. Example is like, a diabetic person. Diabetic person
sometimes tends to have ulcers, wounds. They say when a diabetic person has
such wounds or cuts, theirs is very hard to heal because of their
compromised  immune system. Not only
that, other factors which make their immune system weak may be because of the
costs of treatment that’s leads to stress and such which then leads to
depression. When one feels that way, they tend to feel very low of themselves,
thus their attitude towards their disease/sickness tends to be negative. Thus,
depression kicks in and their wound healing is delayed.



Moving on to how immune
system respond to stress. When one actually are stress and it is
so and that it could not be coped, health risks will be developed.

There will
be an increased
vulnerability to infectious

disease. We all know that white blood cells which is the leukocytes are
produced and their function is to help fight infection in the body. However,
when there is too much there could be and indication of inflammation, trauma
and such. When there is inflammation, and it gets out of control, it will be a
big problem. Also when there is a prolonged stress, it alters effectiveness of
cortisol to regulate inflammatory because tissue sensitivity to the hormone is
decreased. By then, there will be a development of many infectious disease.



Another health risks that can be developed is autoimmune disorders are
affected by

Autoimmune disorders are known as condition which immune system mistakenly
attacks your body. Meaning to say even if you have healthy cells, the immune
system will stick send alerts and attack he healthy cells as mistaking it as
foreign invaders. One example of autoimmune disorders are lupus. Lupus is a
chronic autoimmune disease. The symptoms is that it damages the joints, skin,
kidneys, make one to be inflamed and swells. The causes of lupus is actually
also by the symptoms of being tired, ill and also stress. One celebrity that
has lupus is Selena Gomez. She was diagnosed with lupus because of being depressed,
anxiety, panic attacks. This may happened because of the key factor. Stress.
Before this, I assumed that she was stress due to her career, needing to
produce musics, broken up with ther ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, (L. R. , 2017).


All in all,
stress and immune system have links with each
other and above mentioned is about how to stress is related to immune
functioning and how the immune system respond to stress. I feel that it is
important to be physically active and actually take care of the mind the most
because the mind can actually do a lot of things whether it is negative or