FINANCIAL look at the capital cost, operating expenses and


of financial position of any business enterprise can be done through financial
analysis. Financial analysis tries to look at the capital cost, operating
expenses and operating income. The analysis also establishes a relationship
between the various factors of a balance sheet and profit & loss account of
the unit. It serves as a common measure of value for getting a clear
understanding about the unit from the financial point of view.One can get a clear
idea about financial Strengths and weaknesses of a particular business
enterprise, after tracing down the financial position of the organization.

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present study is an attempt to make a comprehensive analysis of finance and
financial performance of “JANTA SAHAKARI BANK (LTD)”. The study involves
an analysis of the financial statements of the bank in the light of various
statements, comprehensive statement, common size statement, trend percentage
and working capital analysis for evaluating the overall financial performance
of the bank.

significance of this study is that, to get know about the financial performance
of the bank and the way in which the theoretical accounting procedure are put
into practical usage. It enabled me to study the comparative performance of the
firm on the past five years, that is, its improvement in certain areas, decline
in some its strength, weakness, efficiency in utilizing its financial as well
as other resources etc.

primary objective of the study is to evaluate the overall performance of the

research has been used in this study to find out the financial performance of
the co-operative bank.

methodology adopted in the project on a particular research problem depends to
a great extent up on the objectives of the study. The main sources of data are:



study makes a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all the major aspects of
the bank. For this purpose of analysis and interpretation the financial
statement of five year is used. Major areas covered under this analysis are:

•           Liquidity position

•           Working capital management

•           Efficiency in the asset utilization

•           Trend of financial performance