Existing hard to crack but not impossible as bots

Existing System

There are several types of
captchas using in a real world and out of those the most commonly used technique
to differ humans and bots are graphical based captcha. It is hard to crack but
not impossible as bots becoming intellectual. Captcha is currently a standard
Internet security system to shield online email and different administrations
from being mishandled by bots.

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There are several
drawbacks like difficult to read, not compatible with users with disabilities,
time-consuming to decipher, technical difficulties with certain browsers and
may greatly enhance artificial intelligence.

Some of the images are not
readable due to high distortion or more complexity level on the image which
makes letters overlapped on the image. 

Proposed System

In this paper, we show another security
primitive considering hard AI issues a novel group of graphical secret key
frameworks based on Captcha innovation, which we call Captcha as graphical
passwords (CaRP). To add more security, implementing ClickText which is recognition-based
CaRP scheme


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