Executive shopping mall. It will possess 350 square feet

Executive SummaryTaking a huge opportunity, we have chosen to set up a franchise of Kentucky fried chicken. The reliability in the brand name of K.F.C has created a sense security, and thus has given a safe reason of investment. The location of the franchise is been a key factor. We have decided to set up this venture in one of the best shopping mall in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, “LITTLE WORLD”. The reason being is that this mall is located near national express highway and also near by railway station. Here all types of customers such as students, families, travellers can be targeted. Our outlet will be established in the food court of the shopping mall. It will possess 350 square feet of area and there are sitting arrangements in the food court itself, thus spate sitting arrangement won’t be required.IntroductionThe owner of this venture will be Jay and Rohan. K.F.C has such a huge cliental, that it has created a sense of security of our investment and thereby has developed a trust factor in the brand. Investing money in such a world renowned brand is not only safe but also is sure way earning profit. This can be said by looking at the loyalty of customers towards the K.F.C brand. We will cater to the people coming to outlet, with maximum satisfaction, by providing them all varieties of menu, with the best taste and that to in quickest possible time.The mission statement of K.F.C is to “sell food in a quick and healthy environment, by which the production of the product will not cause any harm to the environment and also to deliver fresh quality of food, thereby creating maximum customer satisfaction.” (Ask.com, 2012)Our decided location of outlet is at the food court of the shopping, which is located at the heart of Kharghar, in Navi Mumbai. We have decided to enter a 20 years contract with K.F.C having a total investment of 30 lakhs.ProfileThe owners of this venture will be Jay and Rohan. Jay has done his Hotel Management from an international institute and has expertise in the food production department and will be part of the kitchen for a year or two to reduce the operating cost. Whereas Rohan has also done Hotel Management from same international institute and he has expertise in food and beverage service department, so he will be taking orders from the customers. This will also reduce the initial expense. Apart from this contribution, both the partners will be investing 7.5 lakhs rupees and Jay will be mortgaging his 15 lakhs rupees fixed asset to the bank for accruing loan for business. The key focus of the K.F.C chain is to become the best QSR in terms of number of cliental and also become the best and the efficient in the restaurant industry. K.F.C has an image to protect so it enters the