Everything has its effect.The French philosopher Voltaire Francois-Marie- Arouet,

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Your energy effects the energy of everything around you. There is no such things as coincidence or as chance, everything has its effect and every effect has its cause or every cause has its effect.The French philosopher Voltaire Francois-Marie- Arouet, said that : words like chance,luck and coincidence were invented to express the known effects for the unknown causes. The law of cause and effects says that : whatever you send to the universe you get it back. Action re-action are equal and opposite. It’s just like the boomerang, you throw it out, it comes back.Energy follows thought, what we focus on, we get more of. Our feelings and thoughts send out the vibration and the energy of the universe matches by giving us more of the same, the resonant energy. Our brains define us and connect us to the world and to each other.All of our thoughts, feelings and vibes create our aura, the field of universal energy surrounding our body. The aura of our personal vibe travels with us throughout the day, attracting positive and negative experiences which match its unique vibes. And we, as a human, really underestimates the power of the energy. Our energy is attracting all the time, what we put out, we attract.When we meet someone new, we immediate get a feeling about them, a kind of perception holds in our mind about liking them or disliking them, which is not based on anything tangible. It is based on energy, the vibe we get from that person.When you catch up on the vibes and ¬†energy you get from the people – their vibrations introduces completely, even before they open their mouth to speak! You pick up on the people’s energy to take an instant like or dislike to someone. Sometimes you walk into a room full of people, you instantly become comfortable or uneasy, you can’t explain why, it’s just the vibes, the energy, the feeling you get.


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