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Everyone wants to read Michael Wolff’s book, a restless trip to Donald Trump’s White House. And apparently, the information about the President and his staff also wants to access the terrorists. In a tweet, Rita Katz, director of the “Site”, the site of monitoring Islamic extremism on the web, wrote that “Isis and al Qaeda jihadists are providing links to download the book Fire and Fury”.  With regards to buying books, it seems that the past is repeated. The same as for the release of a Harry Potter book, queues were formed in front of the Washington bookstores to buy the work of the writer and journalist Michael Wolff. The book – 336 pages that contain over 200 interviews that reveal the fears, anger, ambitions, gaffes and so many secrets in a year of presidency Trump – has arrived on the shelves four days before the exit scheduled, despite the letter of formal notice sent by the White House to the author and publisher.President Trump mental adequacy?The book “Fire and Fury: inside the Trump White House” is “crushing” the president who yesterday had replied to be sane – or better “a genius” – after the controversy raised on his mental health. About the book, published in advance to prevent it from being blocked, the US president has returned to claim that he never met the author: the book “I consider it a work of fiction”, the alleged interviews with the White House ” they never existed “and” everything is in his imagination “. Already on Friday, Wolff, in an interview with the NBC, had denied Trump: “I absolutely talked to the president. If he realized it was an interview or not, I do not know. But it certainly was not off the record, “he said.The issue of the mental adequacy of Trump for the role of president of the United States – which according to the author of the book would be considered an idiot by all those around him – is back in fact so much that Friday night the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, in an exclusive interview, in desire to defend him: “I’ve never questioned the mental adequacy,” he said that a few months ago, according to NBC News, he called Trump “an imbecile” during a meeting at the Pentagon . American media announced that in December, a dozen members of the US Congress, mostly Democrats, consulted a professor of psychiatry at Yale University, Bandy Lee, about the president’s mental health.Regarding his “qualities”, on Twitter Trump wrote that having in mind that he became President from the first attempt, it can be concluded that he is not only intelligent but “a genius … and a very stable genius”. Talking about his own life experiences, he underlined that becoming a President is his third in a row, successful professional journey – being before, one of the most successful businessmen and a successful TV star.