Everyone Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice and demonstrate

has some strengths and weaknesses. Some May know how to handle their weaknesses
the right way, others may not. I personally never stopped for a second and
self-reflect on my performance so far in Nursing school. I was so busy
concentrating on passing my classes that I never really stopped to see if the
information I’m learning I will be able to practice it in a critical care
situation. Taking the Sample HESI exit test was a wake-up call; It showed me
that My competency level is not where it should be and that I have room for
changes that I must start working on it now.  Reflecting on areas I succeeded during my time
at VCU School of Nursing and areas I need to improve on to become a competent
nurse upon graduation. I realized that during clinicals I focused more on
learning the skills than learning about the patient’s disease and the
pathophysiology behind it. I failed to fully develop the skill to pull all the
information I learned and think analytically. According to the The
Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice a
graduate must be prepare to use
clinical/critical reasoning to address simple to complex situations (American
2008). Considering that nurses is always working in different setting strong
critical thinking skills are important, so you will can judge which practices
are most beneficial in a given situation. Before I can be a competent nurse, I
must practice from an evidence base as this is a requirement listed in The
Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice and demonstrate Effective communication and
collaboration skills with the interprofessional team to deliver high quality
and safe patient care another requirement by the VCU School of
Nursing BSN Outcomes (VCU SON, 2016). Communication is a core competency
that nurses need to express ideas and suggestions; Thus, I found this to be one
of my strength and weakness. It’s a strength because I enjoy talking to people
and speaking up for people, but its also a weakness because I come to the
realization that in group setting I lose my voice. I believe that its due to me
not having enough confidence in my knowledge and the information that I can