Every varied mindsets with the widest possible socio-cultural, economic,

Every being has
something worthwhile to contribute, irrespective of their background. Even a
highly educated person can know a lot from an illiterate. Thus, an inclusive environment to me is an
exchange of varied mindsets with the widest possible socio-cultural, economic,
religious, ethnic or geographical identities. The more that we differ from each
other in our ideas, knowledge or thinking, the higher we can achieve social
progress by adapting the best of all collective information and wisdom of the
world community.  

No doubt, the progress of humanity hinges on the inclusiveness of divergent
thoughts, ideas and knowledge that bring about all-round prosperity and happiness
to the world. Therefore, as global citizens, our objective should be towards
contributing for larger social goals. So, what matters the most in building a
diverse and accepting community is to strive for cross-cultural pursuits to
attain new breakthroughs and accomplishing the highest success in various
fields without excluding anybody.

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After living in India for sixteen years, moving to Dubai two years ago was
highly challenging, being exposed to an international arena for the first
time. Although initially I felt like returning to India, but soon it turned out
to be greatly enjoyable, gaining lateral thinking with a vast
diversity of people from different corners. Listening to friends, classmates
and neighbors of diverse origin and beliefs, and understanding their problems
have increased my sensitivity towards social issues, thereby taking me
closer to unfamiliar cultures. This transformational experience of a new
geography, culture and language skills has taught me flexibility and fast
adaptability to new situations, as also the importance of teamwork. Crossing
all hurdles and forging relationships, I have evolved with a new art of
communication, possessing multi-disciplinary thinking and cross-cultural global

Now I would like to be at the forefront of bringing freshers within the fold of
inclusivity in the American University Experience. My idea is to build
interactive and inclusive communities under multiple categories that would lead
to members rotating in different groups so that all of us have the opportunity
to work with every member at least once, know each other, and feel inspired to
explore exciting paths together. There can’t be a better model than learning,
sharing and nurturing each other’s talents, notwithstanding the differences in
our race, religion or origin as we graduate to the future!