Every to look back and see the good that

Every year is a roller coaster ride but no matter how the tough gets going and the going gets tough,the beautiful moments are not made without the chaos and pain.So much of self discoveries, built new friendships, hearts broken, tears shed, relationships torn apart  and mended, fun and laughter shared, traveled to many places and humanity deeply understood.A jump packed year filled with  meaningful chronicles in our efforts to enjoy a life lived well.Family is everything. Make efforts to mend , keep communications open.Say what you mean, mean what you say.Say I love you often, say sorry and mean it.Hard times in life happen, people will betray us, hurt us,we hurt others we make mistakes but let us not let bitterness devour us.Let us take time to contemplate to how  experience can be beneficial to us. Make it a lesson learned well, make it something  to look back and see the good that how we get through  will also inspire others  and give them comfort.If you want to have sane and rational advises about love and life ask your dad, trust me he knows everything  even the games men do, they will never get in the way.Our fathers will set the standard of how a lady should be treated and would always remind you of your worth.We have no way of knowing what others are going through.I believe that every one has their equal share of burden and struggles, be kind anyway. Greet them, smile, ask how they are doing and mean it, give them positive compliments, tap on the back, give warm hugs,send them a message, share your food and always extend a hand to help even in little ways.You will never know how it can change a person’s day.You can never ask someone to love  you because if they do, they will. What you can do is make yourself lovable, the rest is up to them. If you are  capable of loving, always know that there would always be a person who deserves to love you for all that you are and not from what you can give to them.” Gracefully move away from people who  will never choose you and make you doubt of your worth. “There is nothing that comes in the way of a sound mind and a calm spirit.I learned  we need strive to keep our piece of peace in unlikely situations, in inconvenient settings to always focus on accomplishing tasks efficiently. I learned to take a deep breath, compose and to keep the main thing, the main thing.Finding solutions one at a time in realistic terms.Do the hard thing. Have that scary conversation ,that confrontation you need . Choose the uncertainty, take the risk.Be yourself. Speak your mind and share a part of your soul.There is no assurance in being brave, we will not always get what we want but we will always have what we need to know.Because when you do the hard thing,  you stand up and count on yourself. Even when you doubt your capacity that is when you know who you truly are in the trying times, you discover  a strength and courage you never thought you possess. Life is too short to restrict your thoughts and time can never be regained.”At some random points in your life, you will meet people that would change you.It may be a new friend , a new love or something in between.You just have to be open , genuine and cautious at the same time.Let loose just a little bit, find that connection that draws you in.It sounds crazy but there is something magical in people you meet that you have something in common, that passion that makes you feel alive. And if these people that aren’t meant to stay, let them go anyway because there are just lessons learned in temporary connections but the mark stays a lifetime.You will love people differently, they have something distinct in each of them,you just have to remember what ignites you and them.”You will find things you are so passionate about. Be it a craft, advocacy, movement or anything that wakes you up in the morning, anything that drives you to work harder, focus  and be creative.Anything that keeps the fire burning in you and not any one would understand even you know you are on the right track, do it anyway.Not everybody will be pleased or agree with you, as long as you know this is your passion, do it anyway.” You have to decide on who you are, what you can and will do, you have to defend yourself and your dreams, trust me it’s all just worth it.That’s where courage begins  . “Grief has taken over me throughout the year.It is a deep , heavy,consuming feeling because it is a kind of love you can never give or show at all.It is the love that has no place to go because when a life ends, there ends our chance of showing a lot of we are capable of giving.I have learned to take more chances at life and people. Life is indeed too short for what could have been, but’s and what if’s. Say what you mean and mean what you say.Be more kind, more gentle, more expressive, more apologetic, more loving, more forgiving, more selfless and be kinder to your self.If there is something I have learned from my personal experiences especially in moments of sadness or depression, grief,disappointment , anger and confusion it is that sometimes these feelings inevitably arise and it is painfully jarring. Our mind’s first defense is to reject it, putting up walls higher ,push people away or be left alone.We always think of escaping but  no matter how we try to get rid of it , it follows us wherever we go.Eventually we end up coming back and facing what we are running away from, what haunts us.And confronting deep woven feelings seems scary, not knowing the answers and feeling completely broken is horrible but it doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck with it forever.You fight through it and you take it one day at a time and you let yourself have those bad days but you hold onto faith that it will change. And when it does and when you’re at a place you’re proud of and look back you will be so glad that you didn’t gave up.”  Whatever you are going through right now, it’s not gonna beat you, you know you’ll have to bend but will never break.Never allow anything or anyone by any circumstances even the terrible ones define you.You are always better than that .You are stronger than that and you will be able to overcome all these.And you’ll do it with the help of everyone that loves you and believe in you.That’s how any of us get through anything.You are not alone.If you feel like you’ve hit your rock bottom and there will be other people  who will sit there with you until you’re ready to get up again.”