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every journey begins with a single stepand every step leaves an imprint thesame is true with your customers journeywhether she’s posting a comment aboutyour fabulous customer service onFacebook or he’s ordering the latestmust-have product from your websiteevery customer interaction produces datathat provides insight into buyingpatterns purchase habits and overallconsumer behavior are you listening towhat your consumers are telling you withtheir data and are you using what you’velearned to create a better experiencethe next time they interact with yourbrand according to Gartner by 2015digital strategies such as socialmarketing will influence at least 80% ofconsumers discretionary spending inNorth America and Western Europe themessage is clear the time to develop adata-driven marketing strategy is nowyour customers make buying decisions inthe blink of an eye if you’re not makingan impression your competitors will makesure your impressions count where do youbegin the first step is to listen toyour customers to collect and connectthe vast amounts of data they’reproviding you which channels do theyprefer how do they choose to interactyour ultimate goal is to deliverpersonalized relevant and timely offersthat support a seamless positiveconsumer experience use what you alreadyknow about her when where and what shebuys to anticipate her next behaviormeet Joe when he decided it was time torefinance his mortgage at a lower ratehe began researching the best dealonline and through his social medianetworks when his home town bank the onehe regularly does business with noticeJoe’s activity they reached out to himwith an offer he couldn’t refuse noweveryone’s happyJoe’s Bank kept his business local Joe’spaying less for his mortgage every monthand Joe’s wife Anne was finally able toafford that new SUV she’d been eyeingthe moral of the story when you breakdown your data silos to see the bigpicture compile that insight into aseamless view and automate yourmarketing processes with integratedtechnology your consumer relationshipsdeepen and flourish and loyalty aboundsa fully integrated marketing solutioncan produce measurable bottom-lineresults such as a 20% reduction inacquisition and implementation costs a43% reduction in operating costs a 39percent reduction in maintenance costswhen you’re ready to develop yourdata-driven marketing strategy Teradatais here to help you integrate and sharemultiple data environments so you canbetter manage your business objectivesunlock big data insights to makeinformed decisions about your marketingdollars drive revenue and customersatisfaction by using critical consumerdata to develop stronger more effectivecampaigns optimize marketing performanceand tie results back to internalinvestments to help prove your ROI takethe first step in data-driven marketingto create a better consumer experienceTeradata will lead the way


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