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Every individual develops some kind of perspective on an event, object or a person throughout their life. However perspective of an individual tends to change as time passes. It is affected by others as well as the individual itself.  One of the most important factor of it is an individual’s personal beliefs. Likewise perspective also has an effect on an individual’s personal beliefs. The memoir Night, by Elie Wiesel, shows the effect Elie’s perspective has on his beliefs. In the beginning of the memoir Elie is a teenager, who lives in a town of Sighet, in Hungary at the start of World War two. He studies the Talmud and the Kabbalah. He has a very strong faith in God. His belief in god was affected by his experience of the Holocaust. He starts questioning god’s existence as he has to face more challenges. His experience throughout the memoir Elie’s perspective of the life changes, so does his beliefs. The memoir Night , by Elie Wiesel, shows the effect Elie’s perspective and experience has on his personal beliefs. Twelve years old Elie spends most of his time in studying the Talmud and Kabbalah in the beginning of the memoir. He starts studying the Kabbalah with Moshe the Beadle, a poor man who works at a temple. He taught Elie to ask right questions to god, even if we do not understand the answers he gives us. Elie believes that questions bring us closer to god. He prayed every night. The Jews in Sighet refuses to believe that the Nazis can harm them. Moshe the Beadle was sent to a concentration camp along with other people of the town. Luckily he survived and came back to warn the others but no one listened to him. Elie could not deny Moshe’s words, since he is Elie’s instructor. Months passed and the persecution of the Jews began. They were forbidden to leave their houses and were required to wear a yellow star  The Hungarian police came to force the Jews to move to ghettos. At the Jewish council meeting Elie’s father found out that all Jews will be deported. Few days after they were sent to Auschwitz. Upon arriving Elie gets separated from his mother and sisters but manages to stay close to his father. In there Elie heard that the Nazi were killing the sick, weak and children. In that night Elie experienced one of the horrific scene of the Holocaust. Elie saw them throwing babies in fire. This weakened Elie’s belief in God. He started blaming God for what was happening. His perspective towards humanity changed, which had a great impact on his personal beliefs.  Conditions at the concentration camp gets better. The prisoners are allowed to sleep.For few weeks the prisoners followed a tight schedule of food, roll call, and bedtime. After that they are transferred to a new camp. In this camp Elie is placed in a good work block of the musicians. After few days Elie was required to go to the dentist to get his gold crown removed. He did not want to do it. However they beat Elie’s father until Elie gives the crown. Elie’s belief on god was again defeated by his experience at the concentration camp. Another day Elie gets beaten by an officer. There he meets a french girl, who comforts him in German. Later on people began to die due to starvation. The Nazi officers began the public hangings during roll call. Afterwards, all the prisoners are required to march past hanging bodies. The only time that the prisoners cried at a hanging was when a young child was hanged. Elie, disturbed by all these events, begins to question god’s existence.