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Every community is different size wise, economic wise, and health wise. Every community has a different group of people, so not all the communities are the same. In stating this, we see that communities also have different problems. In the Hoopeston Area community, many problems arise from an economic standpoint, but also from a health standpoint. We can center our view on one community or another, but every community has problems. The United States, and in fact, even the world,  has growing problems everywhere, but some of those problems are what creates solutions for the problem. This meaning, without the problem there would be no awareness or solution to be found.When looking either into the schools or community, we see many different types of people. One main concern when observing is obesity. Obesity has been a growing concern in not only the community, but also the whole United States. Per an article published by Trust for America’s Health, the adult obesity rate in Illinois in 2017 is 31.6 percent, which ranks eighteenth among other states. The same publisher also says that child obesity in Illinois is twenty-seven percent, which ranks thirty-ninth among other states. Obesity is a growing concern not just in one community, but throughout the world, and we believe that obesity is a growing concern right here in Hoopeston Area. Hoopeston Area is a town of 5,140 people, just the average small town community. When looking throughout the community, there are many concerns that go along with obesity, but may actually be the cause of the problem directly. Problems range from unemployment to low income families. Not everyone is able to work or sustain a family to the fullest. When unemployment and low income are brought into the equation of obesity, one can see the how they are truly interconnected. The definition of obese is grossly fat or overweight. In the context that we are using it, we mean not only fat, but also overweight and unhealthy. Obesity is such a huge problem in society due to the impact it has on a person’s future. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity can cause diseases, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stokes, and even some cancer. There are many reasons why one could be obese. One being hereditary, another being lack of healthy nutrition from a young age, or simply the fact of a non-healthy diet. A healthy diet could range from fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats, and in today’s society, that can be very hard. Jason Rehel, in an article written in the National Post, says that eating healthy costs one dollar and fifty cents more per day than eating an unhealthy diet. He continues by saying that while it may not seem like much, but when putting it in the context of one year, it comes out to be two thousand dollars more in a year. With this in mind, unemployment and low income families would not be able to do this type of financial change. They may already be scraping by to try to get the food they have. So instead of turing for healthy food, they turn to junk food or food that is not high on the healthy nutrition scale.