Ever camera was invented by Oskar Barnack and was

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with beauty. Beauty was stuck in my mind like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it just is stuck. I love taking pictures of wildlife or just anything for that matter. My aunt is a cosmetologist and that is what I have always wanted to be, Photography is just a plus with it, I mean you should always capture beauty in some way. Photography is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. Camera were invented in 1900’s and has revolutionized photography even now. In the 1900’s a guy named George Eastman, created a low cost camera. The kodak brownie introduced the snapshot camera which took fast photos, which is pretty good for a cheap camera. Cameras that were made before the Kodak brownie, couldn’t take snapshots, so when the brownie was made it was definitely a great hit. Photography and beauty is a nationwide obsession. Everyone wants the new product or simply something better. The audience would be appeased by my paper, they will see beauty in its natural form. They will also see the different techniques you can use to make photographs better. Whether that be different filters, lighting change, or just anything to make the photo pop out and catch the eye of the audience. While photography wasn’t a big hit at first, when people started seeing what they can do with a camera it became very popular. The public found out about what a camera can do when they started making projectors and they would use it to project images onto something for a variety of people to see. The Leica was the next star,  “The Leica camera was invented by Oskar Barnack and was the first compact camera to use 35mm film,” (Sutori) this kind of film made it to where you don’t have to keep track of millions of SD cards which in most eyes meant it was the first to be able to carry peoples memories everywhere. Which that is very awesome. It impacted history because they needed a lightweight camera and well the Leica was lightweight. They were also very fashionable because they were made out of a variety of leathers and finished in precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. I am so happy that they came out with that, even though now it is way better, but without Oskar Cameras most likely wouldn’t be invented till way later. Photography is used everyday in really anything. For TV and phones. People capture memories on different apps and when they go on vacations. Memories can last a lifetime. Duaflex, released under Kodak was the first compact SLR camera with an adapted eye level viewfinder.” “The Polaroid camera (model 95) was invented by Edwin Land and was the first camera to produce instant photos.” (Sutori) Instant photos where a success because it printed out the pictures right after you took them and you can keep them forever because they would be in your hands. Instant photos became a good success in 1947. It made it to where you can take photos and they would print automatically. It gave you and eye level viewfinder so it made photography a lot easier.   The polaroid was the first instant camera. It printed off the pictures you took instantly. In 1975 “The Kodak Digital camera was the first of its kind and worked by recording black and white images onto a cassette tape.” (Sutori) The cassette tape was also a hit because it recorded videos making them so where you can capture live moments so you can also rejoice from the memories. This was a huge success because it was the first camera to actually record footage but it was still in black and white. In 1986 “The quicksnap camera wasn’t invented by one person but by a company called Fujifilm. It was the first disposable camera made.” (Sutori) In this case, people could take photos and get them printed off and dispose of their camera so it wasn’t taking up so much space and because it was easier that way. In 1991 “The Kodak DCS SLR camera was the first professional digital camera for sale in the U.S. for $13,000.” This is where the most success started, they finally came out with a professional camera and it wasn’t black and white. Which is a good thing because black and white is rather boring and doesn’t give the true meaning a colored photo would. $13,000 is an awful lot of money for a camera, but it was definitely a high demand. In 2000 “The Sharp J-SH04 was the first camera phone invented by the Sharp Corporation.” This was a great invention because you could call, text, and now take photos on the same device, you could keep the photos forever. Which is an amazing invention today. Now “Smartphone cameras are, finally, truly good. They absolutely will not displace my full-frame gear when I’m serious about shooting, but if I venture out into the world with one of these pups in my pocket, I won’t feel nearly the same gravitational pull to my all-around beefier kit that I usually do. I’ll be happy and ready to shoot and share. I’m feeling lighter on my feet already.” Smartphones are an everyday use. Everyone uses some sort of device that has a camera on it, you can rarely find phones without cameras nowadays. Which isn’t that surprising people take photos and upload them to social media and that’s how we use photography. Even when we get senior, family, or self portraits professionally done we post them. Capturing beauty is the key. There are seven basic elements in photography composition, light, depth, line, texture, pattern and shape. Also the vantage point. (Techwalla) Texture makes the viewer want to touch the photo. Like the edginess of a piece of wood makes you want to touch it, but you know it could give you a splinter. Texture pulls the reader in and gets them more interested and involved.  Depth is a sense of three-dimensionality in a photograph. Created by using focus, framing, and angles. When you want to focus on a certain thing in a photo you need to zoom in to make that object pop out. It brings the viewer’s eyes to the object and the background is blurry and unclear.  Lines are outlines of objects in a picture. It can make the photo look like it can go on forever. A camera is a device for capturing and recording light. They capture patterns of light and the shades. A photographer would need to know a deep understanding of how light affects the operation of a camera and how light affects the photograph produced by that camera. Big issues to consider are the level and angle of light. The level of light in a photograph affects the level of detail visible in areas in a picture. If the camera is exposed to a high level of light shaded areas will seem darker. The angle of light refers to the location of the original source of light in the photograph and determines the shadows in the photograph. “Our minds automatically organize the things we see into patterns and shapes. Patterns and shapes can be aesthetically pleasing and draw attention to a photograph.There are three important aspects of patterns and shape: rhythm, symmetry and triangles. Rhythm is where a shape is repeated in a photograph. Symmetry is when a photograph looks like it consists of two objects that are mirror images of each other. Symmetry can be subverted so the two objects are similar but not quite alike, which can be used to highlight difference and contrast. Triangles are formed within a photograph by two diagonal lines. These draw the viewer into the photograph and make the photograph more interesting.” (Chen, Brian) without these rules per say there wouldn’t be important aspects being taken to the best of their ability. You need to follow rule of thirds or patterns in order to catch the viewer’s eye and in photography that means a lot.  “The vantage point is the position from which the photograph was taken. It is the point of view of the viewer of the photograph.” Viewed from a low vantage point looking up at an object makes the object look more powerful and bigger like it is in charge. Honestly this wasn’t even all the cameras that have been made they were just the interesting ones and the ones that seemed like a big help into furthering cameras and making them better. The first that caught my eye was the Brownie maybe because Brownies sound good or maybe because that was the first one that caught my eye. I definitely would love to test out all these cameras to see how they shot and how they looked. After all the years, Photography has always been a huge thing trying to better the aspect of the way a camera shoots the pixels and just everything about it. I love photography there is a story behind every picture and that is great. Capturing beauty is a great way to see things. When you look through the eye of the camera to take a picture and you zoom in on certain objects you see every beautiful thing there is to that object.