Even unique place in the academic world. The key

Even though there are many
academic studies on international sanctions, there are not many study neither on
violations of these sanctions nor causes and consequences of them. And I
believe that a research on the violation of the sanctions imposed by one country
by another ally will have a unique place in the academic world.

The key conceptual
phenomena of my thesis are violation of international sanctions by an allied
state-owned entity, the share of national interests in foreign policy and interests
of individuals (those who have direct or indirect impacts in state
administration). In addition, the US v Atilla case, which will be examined in
detail, for the first time, within the coverage of my thesis, is going to provide
an insight to the recent deterioration of Turkey-US relations.

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To mention background of
the concepts;

of international sanctions by an ally: The simplest definition of
“international sanctions” in IR literature is: “Deliberate, government-inspired
withdrawal or threat of withdrawal of customary trade or financial relations”
(Hufbauer, et al. 2007, p. 3).          In
general, allied states tend to support sanctions imposed by one of the allies
and tend not to violate it. In this thesis, we shall examine the inverse of this
situation; that one of the allied countries violates the sanctions by a state-owned


-The share of national interests in foreign policy:
National interest; defined as “The meaning of national interest is
survival—the protection of physical, political and cultural identity against
encroachments by other nation-states” by Morgenthau. But, this definition is
not sufficient to explain what I am planning to cover in my thesis. Instead, “pragmatizing
foreign policy moves for the country’s benefit” would be better.

“In the increasingly
smaller global community, national interests do not necessarily mean that they
are good for the international community.” 1

In the thesis, I will be
examining the share of national interest in foreign policy in order to test whether
the violation of international sanctions is dependent to or a result of
national interests.

of individuals: It can be best defined as: “concerning only for getting what individual
wants, acting pragmatic and being opportunist in order to maximize individual’s
own benefit”. In my thesis, I will question if statesmen or people who are
surrounding them do play a role while violating international sanctions.


In this phase, without doing
sufficient research, using the data fully and examining int. sanctions’
violation cases it is hard to originate a hypothesis. But as a preliminary
hypothesis, that could be: “The more the share of national interest increases
in foreign policy making, international sanctions imposed by allied state
become more likely to be violated.

According to my researches,
on google scholar and the other academic platforms, there is a lack of academic
work to constitute a theoretical background either on these concepts or linkage.





To mention research design
method of my study: This study is going to be a single-case study. I think, it
is more suitable to be an “Illustrative case study”. My main goal is: “to
describe an event and develop and support it by giving additional data which I
already gathered. I am going to use various sources including both qualitive
and quantitative
data such as; official court records, international trade statistics, in order
to examine the phenomena in depth. The data which I am going to use are
sufficiently available. Because all the case files, court records and
international trade data are published and easy to reach. Also in my opinion,
the validity and reliability of data which I will use will be satisfying.


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