Even increase within a 50 mile radius (Dedman, 2011).

though most of the nuclear power plants can be found in the urban or suburban
area. However, the fuel cycle is mainly operated in the rural communities. Critical
problem of insufficient supplied of energy consumption due to lack of fossil
fuels resources has been settled down by the substitution of fossil fuels to nuclear
power energy. In spite of that, abundance of issues raising up from nuclear
power consumption has not yet been addressed.

are several important complication that need to be highlighted including safety
of the nuclear power, operation of the fuel cycle, negative public awareness, requirement
for new technologies and the manpower available for the work, Each of the
critical issues that rapidly emerged must be efficiently addressed, so that
nuclear power plant can really be beneficial to the economy in the future.

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the nuclear power stations accident news become noticeable, the terrific
horrors of nuclear radiation stimulate an ongoing concern of the crowd regarding
nuclear power. According to Greenpeace (n.d.), over 300 nuclear accidents have
been occurred that can be labelled as “major concern” and in which life were
threatening and has had actually slaughtered lives. Most of the nuclear power
stations accidents were not reported until media and non-governmental
organization expose the truth. When operations at nuclear installations
shrouded with complicated secrecy threats, the horrific consequences that the
environment and once in a while people have to face cannot be hide.

Agricultural and Rural Development Policy Center (2013) study found the

are total of 103 nuclear power plants currently running in the United States.
Approximately one third of these power plants are located in rural regions in
which most are either in suburban regions or urban areas. Often these power
plants were originally located in more rural areas, but substantial population
increases in the past fifty years have resulted in many of nuclear power plants
now being located in suburban areas (Dedman, 2011). For instance, since 2000,
there has been an average increase of 10.9 percent in the population living
within a five mile radius of nuclear power plants and a 27.4 percent increase
within a 50 mile radius (Dedman, 2011). Thus, any expectation that isolation
from urban centers would provide some measure of protection to the population
from any nuclear accident is no longer valid.

order to accommodate in the area of nuclear power station, one of the major
criteria is the evaluation of the potential hazard to resident and his
environment in that particular area. 
Identification of maximum acceptable site burden (MASB) need to done for
the reason of public health and safety. Burden of the environmental toxin at a
site of nuclear power station that can be accepted without any manifestation of
tolerable deleterious effects within the population completely explain the
definition of MASB. It is essential to allocate any discrete quantity of energy
proportional in magnitude, to the frequency of the radiation it represents from
MASB to any specific nuclear installation. The population-distance criteria in
some of the nuclear power generating countries have been evolved, as to ensure
the safety of the population in the environment that closer to the nuclear
power station under normal operation and possible accident condition that may

argument suggests that nuclear power stations should be constructed closer to
the state and/or national capitals because this is where we can found elite
population. The person who advocates this hypothesis puzzle over why remote
areas are the target area for nuclear power station. Remote areas are the place
where innocent and uneducated villagers lives. Of course that the elite
residents know the horrific consequences that can occurred later and allocating
potentially dangerous project away from where they live and work. It is the
poor who face up the consequences of nuclear power installation (Udaishankar,

drilling technologies was widely used in the U.S. leading to the target on
natural gas along with the presumption of the bright future with plentiful,
affordable supply of energy. In the comparison with coal or oil, natural gas
has an unpolluted burning fuel. However, the process of burning fuel still end
up produces greenhouse gasses, that absorbs and emits radiation and eventually give
rise to greenhouse effect. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide,
and ozone are categorized under the primary greenhouse gasses obtained from the
Earth’s atmosphere. Nuclear power reactor generate a non-carbon base-load power
instead of directly introduce greenhouse gasses to the surrounding environment.
However, none of the authorities such as technician, environmentalist, and the
communities that are not alert about the existence of nuclear power. Most of
the parties really concerns about it.