emorandum motivate their purchase decisions towards their products or

emorandum ????????????????????To: Not Dogs UKFrom: Date: 19.1.2018Subject: Recommendations for suitable marketing strategy based on consumer psychologyHere are the recommendations for Not Dogs to develop their marketing strategy, based on the analysis of possible consumer psychology, in order to grab attention of more consumers. The key recommendations are summarized below. Recommendation 1- Developing social presence through Facebook and Instagram and leafleting for local marketRecommendation 2- Competitive pricing strategyRecommendation 3- Tying up with local online delivery apps   Table of ContentsIntroduction?4Organization profile?4Recommendations?5Conclusion?9Reference List?10 IntroductionStart up businesses need to find out key strategies through which they could establish a strong presence in front of their target customers and attempt to grab their attention towards their business. UK is suitable market for the start up businesses, which is the reason behind more than 100 starts up businesses are launched here every year. For the start up businesses, marketing strategies are highly important, as these strategies help the organization to develop its presence in front of their customers. In addition, start up businesses must do adequate market research to know their customers, their preferences, perceptions and other decision making features, in order to find out the best way to motivate their purchase decisions towards their products or services. In addition to understand the consumer psychology, the business marketers must also gain information about the environmental factors;those could affect the purchase decision making path or perceptions about the product or service offered by the business. Thus, the start up businesses need to understand and follow several consumer psychology framework or purchase decision models, for supporting or guiding their marketing strategy development based on the consumer’s features related to purchase decisions. The current assignment is focusing upon suggestions for a start up business in UK, to develop marketing strategies based on the consumer psychology and other aspects and to explore how it is affecting the business. In this context, a new fast food start up business “Not Dogs” has been selected here for being explored in the assignment. Organization profileNot Dogs is an UK startup company, founded by two friends, Katie McDermott and Jane Yates. The business was launched in December 2016. The specialty of the business is that they make hot dogs for vegetarian, with their unique recipes. Vegetarians, vegans, meat reducers usually undergo difficulties to find delicious meals, which could satisfy their fast food cravings. The co-founder of Not Dogs, Birmingham-based duo McDermott, a meat-reducer, and vegetarian Yateshas distrust on meat and they explored the “more tasty vegetarian options’ (Minke, 2017). As soon as they discovered the idea, they also reviewed that meat free hot dogs are a delicious options for vegetarian people; and if they could serve the best quality, the business could flourish significantly. The co-founder has selected a populated area at Birmingham’s famous Bullring shopping centre, which ensured the sustainability of the business. The friends had undergone a significant market research and attempted to promote their brand in various places, in their famous hot dog outfits. On the other hand, while setting the menu, they have also considered the nutritional or dietary requirement in the food items. They have included gluten free buns and gluten free food products to deliver their delicious vegetarian dishes. The co-founders are aiming to “become a much loved household brand. They are focusing upon expanding the business, while keeping the quality of food high for veggies at all locations and providing continuous innovations in the food items along with a tough of Not Dogs magic”. They have announced that they won the December series of the esteemed Start up series competition with Worth Capital, with £150,000 in equity funding (Laporte, 2017).RecommendationsWhile developing a start up business like Not Dogs, the marketer must study the behavior and psychology of purchasing products of the target customers, in order to gain an idea about the means through which they could grab the attention of their customers. In this context, it is important to understand the consumer psychology frameworks and concepts related to their purchase decision making. The consumer decision-making process is a process of making purchase, which includes five steps including need recognition, information search, evaluation or alternatives, purchase and post purchase behavior. In this context, it has been revealed that Not Dogs need to continue with the exploration with their continuous information search. The customer decision-making model helps to understand the way through which a consumer makes the decision of purchasing a product. In this context, they go through the following five steps, which influence the motivation of the customers negatively. The marketers make decisions on marketing strategies based on the key features of their consumer’s purchase decision making, in order to influence or motivate them to purchase the products or services they are offering. The key recommendations are as follows:Recommendation 1- Developing social presence through Facebook, Instagram, and leafleting for local marketThe presence of social media is so much important for a start-up company to evaluate growth in the Marketing strategies. The absence of social media can kill a start-up company. No agencies can survive without the presence of social media as it is the most successful element for retailers. As per statistics of UK, it can be seen that 80%of UK citizens were actively present in social media platform, hence advertising on social media can involve huge crowd of customer towards their products. As marketing and advertising budget is limited, therefore it is needed to overlook the importance of communication in social media. Being active in social media ensure a proper growth of followers towards their products at free of cost and represents a better compelling benefits onwards a established firm in the presence of social media. Staff and services in a company can be instantly mailed on social media with free of cost. Maximum division in marketing strategies can be developed so as to create maximum chances for updates and posts to be get viewed by customers. The main key is to search for the best-suited social site according to the business requirements and promotion, to attract maximum customers towards their company. When it is about audience engagement, there must be a very expert leaderin the social media platform to evaluate posts in Instagram, as it receives ten times more interactions per hundred followers in the Facebook. Instagram has greatest market penetration strategy as per old demographic records. Instagram stories were currently the highest rated ticket for making customers all together regarding a specific company. Some platforms in social media attribute towards failure due to be deficient in customer deficient (Ramírez, 2017).As per in Not Dogs of UK, it can be seen that due to lack of social media support it could not achieve targeted traffics according to their customer needs and demands. As we know,impact of social media in any company can boost the search engine optimization sites effectively. Social media can build a better relationship building between company and customer, which can enhance profitability scenario in the company. As Notdog is lacking the influence of social media, there is very low bonding between the vegan customers with the company and hence profit rate is degrading slowly in the company. Responding to problems can easily be analysed by feedbacks of customers and achieve modifications in the company as per requirements of customers. Not dog is not gaining any feedback of customer due to inactive in social media and capacity of audience gathering is also degrading. A well engagement of social media in company can build better loyalty in brands. As per Not dogs, brand loyalty is necessary to gain customer attention towards their products for best performance regarding marketing and selling. News jacking is so must important field where social media plays very crucial role regarding brand promotion. Due to lack of influence on social median and news jacking on Not dogs, this company is losing all potential customer. Influence of social media is highly needed in Notdogs to build a healthy marketing and sales image towards this marketing scenario of social media (Rafique, 2017).In the second step in the consumer decision-making model, consumers conduct information search according to their needs. People nowadays have become significantly capable of identifying the right thing they want, where they are getting assistance from the online search engines as well as word of mouth (Jagarajan, 2017). Therefore, in order to grab the attention of consumers and influence their purchase decision, the marketers need to be available and attentive in these search engines as well as within the local community to be referred by some other. On the other hand, it is also evident that previous experience is a key factor that influences the decision-making about purchase by the consumer. In this context, it has been revealed that customers often pay extra time for identifying the best option by information search. Thus, in case of Not Dogs, they need to make a top presence in the popular search engines like Google. In addition, while developing presence in the social media, like Facebook or Instagram, their posts must be visualize on a regular basis, but it is also noteworthy that the posts are not becoming too much annoying for the consumers, so that they becomes demotivated towards their options. The consumers feel that something is missing and they needs to address that thing to feel normal. If the marketer, can understand when the target demographic is developing these needs that would be the ideal time for promoting the brand. For instance, in case of Not Dogs, they must promote their brand and offer products to mostly the vegetarian people, who do not have the options to have non-vegetarian food and they need to buy vegetarian food. On the other hand, while using some social platforms, they must post their offers; or while using leaflets, they should distribute these at the time of lunch or dinner, when people feel the need for having meals and their promotional or marketing strategy is providing a good option to explore, which would influence their purchasing perception (Eaker,2017).Recommendation 2- Competitive pricing strategyCompetitive pricing is so much needed in a company to keep the product pricing in a company according to the changing scenario of competition. This kind of product pricing is necessary for a company to keep efficient selling of similar products in a company. As we know, Not dog is completely based on vegetarian products, that is only vegan can consume them, so it is much needed for this company to attain the strategy of competitive pricing so as to keep the customer satisfaction level high. The competitive strategy in pricing is attained by any company when the product pricing reaches the equilibrium level. Such scenario in the marketing products occurs when a specific product is kept in a company for a long time and got so many alternatives in the competitive surroundings. Competitive pricing basically got two strategies, which is above the competition and below the market. Above the competition refers to keeping the product specification with premium warranty to gain generous payments and extra features in production (Wang, 2015).Whereas setting a below market strategy is all about taking potential loss in the business environment to have faith on customer regarding purchasing extra products by exposing offers to the customer. As in the case of Not dog it can be observed that, competitive pricing scheme is very low due to its negligence on customer feedbacks, which is essential, to mark offers and pricing of products followed by customer psychology and needs. Loss leader is a service that is offered at high discount that results in loss of product as it sold below the cost, Not dog is affected by this scheme of loss leader as it is not well known to their competition and competitors in the marketing environment (Saha, 2014).Once the consumers have searched enough information about the stuff they want to buy, based on their needs, it has been seen that they then compare the alternative options, for identifying the best possible option for them. In this context, it is noteworthy that the marketer should be enough appealing and must provide additional benefits to the consumer, so that consumers could recognize their products as the best offers, overwhelming the others. In this context, Not Dogs must provide an appealing price range with variety of product range. For instance, they need to provide significant variation in the products, including different unique recipes in cheaper price, compared to the similar alternatives. On the other hand, another aspect they need to consider, the availability. For instance, they need to tie up with available online delivery services within a particular local area range. It is because, consumers would not attempt to buy or order fast food items, which are out of their locality and they would cut the option out within the range of similar alternatives. Thus, it would be wiser to tie up with a local online delivery service and provide details of delivery in the search details, so that the potential customers could access the services. Pricing is the most crucial strategy to influence consumer’s purchase decisions in this stage (Golev, 2014).A business must keep their focus on competition level to differentiate products that is formed by their competitors.Creating, a high rated scenario regarding product scan keep the sustainability of profit in the company for long term. The technique which can increase traffic towards a business is basically based on low pricing of aforementioned product. Once potential customer arrives to the company, there must be proper shifts regarding customer role to create purchasing decision for attracting customers on other products which can generate profit to the company. This strategy is not only involved in attracting new audiences to the company, along with this it enhances inventory move in business that became stagnant. Retailers must maintain their attitude towards point of compe5titive pricing to make effective changes in timely fashion and can offer matched competitors about advertised prices of products. There must be effective price matching strategy in the company to receive products at lower prices and not creating risk on customers to take their business solely for the pricing reason. A beneficial trading plan must be created by the company with loyal traders to keep the online strategy on trade at right pathway than taking any risk on their product pricing in comparison with the competitors. A market leader must have highest market share in the company to evaluate dominance effect on competitive landscape with giving proper direction towards product sale.Ideal characteristic of product and market consideration as per brand can associate consumers with beneficial offerings to them.Perfect competition can be gained in the market structure by following identical products in firm, controlling market price according to products, ensuring relatively small shares on market, proper knowledge of sold product and price change must be known by firm and gaining perfect pricing towards their products relevant to customer satisfaction (Pajares, 2015).Recommendation 3- Tying up with local online delivery appsOnline delivery of foods offers very attractive deals and discount with return strike to keep a proper tie up with quick meal by only a click. As per E-marketers, restaurants accruing quick services have best approaches towards ordering and dealing with their products. Fasten delivery of foods can be easily maintained by online ordering of foods. Not dog is not tied up online and hence low rated profits can be seen in fast delivery of products towards customers. Once a company is popular in the online segment, it gets better deals and offers regarding their profits in production. Not dog is not gaining the popularity tag by not attaching their services in online apps (Dickinson, 2015).Once the consumers have reviewed all the available options according their needs, they would attempt to make the decision to purchase the best product according to their needed features. Based on the knowledge they have gathered, they would purchase according to their desire. At this stage, it is evident that the consumer has reviewed all the facts related to purchase options and logically concluded to make the purchase decision on the emotional or experience influences or the consumer has made the decision by being influenced by the marketing or advertising strategies offered by the organizations. In the case of Not Dogs, they need to offer such appealing offers, which could ultimately promote the positive decision of purchasing fast foods by the consumers from their shop. This step would be positively facilitated by the combination of offering unique variety of fast foods in an affordable range of price with easy access of services, at suitable time, i.e. when people would need a meal. In order to influence consumers’ buying behavior, the company should tie-up with the local food delivery agencies. It would help the consumers to order foods as per their convenience. This strategy will influence the purchase phase of consumer decision-making process. Through this strategy, it will be possible for the company to satisfy consumers’ psychological needs in an efficient manner. A business can be highly promoted by attaching them in the online app for delivery services. It is highly recommended for a company to attach themselves in online apps to get more attention of audiences involved in online food services. A company is so much benefitted by increased count of order and customer amplification by having online attachment in delivering apps. The most disadvantage of offline food ordering is all about long lines, being on hold and wait times. Now a day’s customers want to get food on delivery at their desired time without waiting for them in long lines. Instant ordering of food can be easily assured by ordering foods online. The frequency of order gets highly boosted by implementing online services in a company. Virtual ordering of foods by customer increases more rapidly as it is widely placed globally to get affected by many customers from different locations. The potential of revenues becomes skyrocket as by linking a company in online services there is no need for hiring employees (Sharma, 2015).  Orders can be placed by customer in advance in online apps and can ensure a company about their tariff looks on given day. Maximum people useonline services as their primary tool to keep a track over best stores in their location. By linking online ordering scenario a company is exposing their brand towards an advantageous way for grabbing attention of high amount of customers towards their product and services. By online ordering a customer gets highly benefitted with online offers, deals and discounts regarding their desired product in a company. The most frustrating scenario a business owner deals is all about miscommunication, which can be reduced by online ordering apps. Communication problems can be minimized and can allow more clients to reach the company at their business peak hours. A customer can easily keep their demand clear in online services than in offline stores due to lead in miscommunication. Online based apps got more loyalty programs than personal terms that involve handing over punch card to their entire customer. Fulfillment of internal orders can easily be assured in online ordering apps. Sales started to increase among millennial via online ordering apps. Onsite services can be improved, due to beneficial reviews of customers. Better and more reviews can be in ranking sites gets boosted by connection a company with online ordering apps. Easy access on food menu gets easier by online ordering(Lothridge, 2016). A customer gets highly influenced by calling the company regarding their purchased product, to solve any related issue with their product. Going to the company for query than solving the query in home is much easier, hence online ordering and tracking the product gives high advantage to customer about each and every detail needed for their products. A brief introduction is provided in online services than offline purchase.  Higher rate of coupon redemption is the best way to boost up a business, which is effectively provided in online apps. With ideas to evaluate reward program and promoting reviews by social shares, a wellbeing mobile app for marketing campaign in restaurant will boost count of referrals. Reward program is effective in such a way that when a customer participate in it, he gets more reward points by sending link min social applications and hence, also benefited by power of purchase via reward points. A delicious photo display of food creates a high visual impact to customer for purchasing it by using online app. Hence bonding up with online ordering app is so much beneficial for a company (Rowsell, 2016).ConclusionIn this assignment, the key focus was upon understanding how the business marketers, especially the start up businesses could build their strategies to grab consumer’s attention towards their business. In this context, the assignment has focused upon the psychological, social as well as environmental factors related to the consumer decision making process regarding a product purchase. In this context, the assignment has focused upon the startup company ‘Not Dogs UK’, a fast food centre focusing upon vegetable meals with their unique recopies. The assignment has used the consumer psychology and consumer purchase behavior related models in order to demonstrate the recommendations provided for the company to develop their marketing strategies, with a purpose of grabbing customers by understanding their unique purchasing behavior and psychological aspects. The key recommendations provided for Not Dogs have also been demonstrated with a justification for selecting for those strategies, which would ultimately improve the progress of the start up business. Therefore, from this assignment, the importance of analyzing the consumer’s behavior, consumer’s psychology and other aspects related to cognition, feeling and perceptions in the context of developing business marketing strategies have been understood. Thus, from this assignment, Not Dogs would gain significant guidance to develop their unique marketing strategies, which would help them to grab more customers and make them loyal to the business, thereby improving the business growth and development. In addition, the impact of external factors, i.e. environmental stimuli on the development of purchase decisions and how these are used by organizations like Not Dogs have also understood from the assignment.