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Emergency medical services must provide immediate and sufficient prehospital care in all circumstances such as MVA’s, natural disasters and mass casualty incidents. Ambulance is an essential part of emergency medical services, which not only help for patients transportation, It contains all equipment that the paramedic needs for patients care.         In disaster casualty, lack of equipment and resources is a major obstacle. EMS personnel usually arrive first to the scene and identify the nature of disaster to assess the situation and determine the need of resources. First crew will triage and wait for backup, so the first idea for this situation is an ambulance can expand depend on number of patients and carry up to 15 patients. It will save time and lives. ??????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ????? Paramedics and physicians will arrive to the scene by helicopters to the expanded ambulances. More than one ambulance can arrive and expand, each ambulance will have a triage tag. Ambulance with red triage tag will carry critical patients who need immediate intervention and rapid transportation. Ambulances with yellow and green triage tags can stay and delay transportation.  Another idea would be helpful in this situation, is a device in the ambulance connected with road security when ever the case is serious, road security will open roads and traffic lights to let ambulances pass rapidly. This device will be helpful to limit traffic and waiting time.      EMS personnel face risk every time they called to an emergency. Close contact with patient’s blood and body fluids leaves paramedics vulnerable to infectious diseases. The third idea is related to EMS personnel safety, is a gloves that protect hands and fingers from needle punctures. The material uses/used must be elastic, puncture resistant, disposable and convenient to hands.???? ??? ??????? ???      Finally, The ambulance also should contain Automatic Sterilization System, after each call it automatically cleaned and sterilized every thing by itself without any external help. ASS device, will minimizeLooking forward to the best future of ambulances contributes to increased attention to the patientIn conclusion, one of EMS priorities is to provide high quality of patient care by improving response time, treatment quality and transportation