Elie’s dad but he resents his father as well

Elie’s relationship with his father crumbles under the pressure brought by the oppression of the Nazis. During Rosh Hashanah, the Jews recites a prayer for the dead, the Kaddish. Elie goes to look for his father afterwards while the Jews slowly head to sleep in their blocks. Once he finds his father, Elie stares at his father’s face and kisses his hand. This brief moment between the two shows that regardless of all the atrocities around them, they still show each other affection and enjoy the company of one another. The fact that they still care for each other also portrays the strong bond between them despite the horror they endure. Near the end of the novel, Elie searches for a doctor to treat his father’s dysentery. The Blockälteste tells him that the doctor cannot help his father and that he advises Elie to stop helping his dad since it is hurting his chances to survive. Deep down, Elie agrees with the Blockälteste’s advice, he also knows that the death of his father would result in him getting double ration. This demonstrates that the father-son relationship between Elie and his father is starting to deteriorate. Elie appears to be more concerned with his own self-preservation as opposed to keeping his father alive through the Holocaust. In addition, he does not just feel indifferent towards his dad but he resents his father as well for getting beat because he was slow and weak. One night, Elie’s father pleads his son to get him water while the officer demands that he be quiet. Elie’s father is then beaten with a club since he refuses to stop begging his son for a beverage. Meanwhile, his boy stays put in silence. The fact that Elie does not attempt to save his father shows that he no longer cares about the wellbeing of his father. He stays inert in order to avoid the officers wrath since he is now only concerned with his own safety. Elie does not just resent his father anymore, he now acts on his feelings by not intervening. All these instances reveal how human evilness destroyed a relationship between a father and a son.