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Eldin MasicMr. HenningCA 7th 23 October 2017Argument Essay There has have been many people debating on the gun control law that if it needs to be more strict or to be not as strict. Most of the opinions people have are that they believe that gun control needs to be more strict and can give a quick and brief explanation on why. Nowadays, anyone can go right now and get a gun legally or illegally and can do whatever they want with it such as use it for disaster. If we do not make gun control strict than it can end up in the wrong hands and that can lead to innocent deaths and crazy shootings. More gun control laws would reduce gun deaths by an very increased rate. The more strict the gun control becomes, the less deaths it can lead to and could have the rate at an all time low.On the the other side, there are some who will argue that gun control should not be as strict. Examples and explanations of this would be gun control laws do not deter crime. Gun ownership deters crime, gun control laws infringe upon the right of self defense and deny people the sense of safety. Gun control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaining guns or breaking laws, and people would argue that strict gun control laws such as background checks and micro-stamping are an invasion of privacy. There have been many people who agreed on not making gun control to be not as strict.There was also a survey on 4,000 US citizens and which side they agree with. Most of the voters on the survey were adults and gun owners. About 20% of voters said that gun control needs to be less strict and about 31% of voters said that gun control should not be as strict. This is shocking because most voters agree that people shouldn’t really care who’s able to buy a gun and what they do with it than the other half of voters.  This result is more difficult for someone on the left to run on a gun control, while someone on the right is forced to run on gun rights to avoid a possible revolt from a passionate base. This debate proves. Regardless of how most of the the public feels, in favor of doing absolutely nothing about guns.Since the wake of the Vegas mass shooting, many are declaring gun control laws need to change immediately. This incident left dozens killed and hundreds wounded on the Sunday night in Vegas. The US is now coming to a conclusion of banning all assault weapons to the citizens. Seven of the 15 deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the 21st century alone on the count on not having strict gun control. New policy changes are needed to happen soon in order to create a gun-free America.In the end, there is always going to be 2 sides debating each other over strict gun control laws. There are many who point out why gun control should be strict and many who think it should be not as strict. Both sides give good information on their opinion and have much evidence to back them up. Both have a reason and are persuaded to stick to one side or the other no matter how much you want to convince them to switch. Overall , everyone is gonna have their opinion and their say on the debate no matter if it’s a good or bad reason.