Educational level which includes classes nine and ten. Fifth

Educational system
in Pakistan

is education system?

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The education system
involves all those institutions that provides good education, staff, good
infrastructure, resources and rules. In bigger definition the education also
includes those institutions that involves financing, managing and operating. Education
system guides the students that how to achieve their goals. Generally education
system means public schooling, not private schooling. 

system in Pakistan

The education system in
Pakistan is divided into six parts. First there is pre-schooling from the age 3
to 5 years. Second there is primary schooling which includes classes from 1 to
5. Third there is higher education which includes classes from 6 to 8. Fourth
there is matriculation level which includes classes nine and ten. Fifth there
is intermediate level that includes classes 11 and 12. Sixth there is
undergraduate and graduate level which are organized by universities and HEC

of schools in Pakistan


Public schools are
those schools which are operated by the government/state. Public schools can be
named as “no fee school”.


Private schools are
those schools which are not operated by the state or government but they are
operated privately. Private schools are also known as independent schools or
non-governmental schools.


Charter schools are
those schools which are operated independently and receives governmental
funding but in some cases it is privately owned. For example stars academy
johar town, Larsan academy of sciences.


Magnet schools are
those schools which have some specialized courses. Those specialized courses
attracts the students so they are known as magnet schools.


schools and Rural schools

Urban schools are those
schools which are situated in cities and rural schools are those schools which
are situated in villages or out of the city.

medium and English medium schools

Urdu medium schools are
those schools which mainly focus on urdu language and English medium schools
are those schools which mainly focus on English language.

of languages

There are many
languages which are used in Pakistan. But schools mostly focuses on
international language and national language. National language is Urdu and
international language is English. Students use Urdu language for communication
but in English medium schools students are forced to communicate in English so
that they can enhance their English language. But now a days as it is the era
of English language people are admitting their students in English medium schools
so that they cannot face problems in their future. There are also other
languages which are taught in the schools like Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto,
Sindhi, Persian and Arabic but that are optional and Urdu and English are

of education in Pakistan

There are many
institutions where the quality of education is very good but there are also
those institutes whose education quality is not good. Poor people can’t afford
those institutions whose education is good.


In Pakistan paper
planning is not good. As there is board system in which paper are held
annually. The quality of exam should be nor easy neither difficult so that it
can make difference between the students. The questions which are asked in the
exams are repeated question. Therefore many students prepare their exam from
past papers and give their exam. Students give their papers in different
governmental institutes. Exams are held under examination of examiners. The examiners
comes from different cities even they are not so much qualified. If any student
have any query regarding the exam they can’t resolve their query. There are
many examiners who are corrupt they take money from the students and let the
students to cheat. Due to which many students do not prepare the exam because
they know that the examiner will help them.

checking system

In Pakistan paper
checking system is also not so good. After the examination the papers are
handover to the teachers for checking. Paper are wrongly distributed to the
teachers. Teacher of urdu checks the paper of physics and teacher of biology
checks the paper of chemistry. Which causes the unsatisfied result for the
students. Sometimes the students who had done well in the examination got less
marks and the student who had not done well in the examination got higher
marks. Due to which students lose their potential and sometimes students do
suicide because of unsatisfied result.

problems in Pakistan

system is based on unequal lines

Actually this is one of
the biggest problem in Pakistan that educational system is based on unequal
lines. Private system and government systems both have different medium of
education. Which makes the difference between the people. The qualification of
teachers in government institutes is not so good. In these institutes teachers
do not provide good quality of education to the students and they do not clear
the concept of the students but if we talk about private institutions the
teachers are highly qualified. Those institutions are based on conceptual
study. Which clears the concept of the students.

In this way government
students thought that the private students are more intelligent than us. Which
makes the difference between both institutes.

qualified teachers

Most of the
institutions in Pakistan are having less qualified teachers. The teachers is
those institutions are not well trained. People who do not get job in any other
sector they try their luck in educational system that’s why there are less
qualified teachers in most of the institutions. The teachers do not get much
training so they are unable to train the next generation. There are many
schools in which the qualification of teachers is only matriculation or
intermediate. As they are not much qualified they instead of clearing the
concepts of students they teach them through the books. They give the question
to the students and asks them to learn the questions properly ( In urdu we says
it rata system). That’s ways our country is less qualified. If there are not
qualified teachers then it will gain bad result for the country.

of education

The education fee of
private schools are high in Pakistan and the cost of government institutions in
low but they do not provide good quality of education. Institutions like beacon
house are highly paid institutions in Pakistan. Parents wants to provide good
education to their children but they can bare the fee of these institutions. As
majority in Pakistan belongs to poor families, so they cannot pay the high fee
of their children. Parents are decreasing their other needs for the betterment
of their children and to give better education to their children. So the
government should improve their education system so that the parents can
provide good education to their children in low cost.

of infrastructure

Up to 40% of
educational institutions do not have the basic facilities such as electricity,
water, guards, classrooms, toilets and boundary walls etc. Even they don’t have
furniture in the school. Instead of sitting on the chairs they sit on the
floor. Students feel very uncomfortable to get their education. There are no
classrooms, everyone is getting their education at the same place and only one
or two teachers are there to teach all the classes and all the subjects.
Students are sitting in between the cows and buffalos. Cows are grassing there
and there dung is there which makes environmental pollution in the
institutions. There are no rules and regulations on those institutions. Which
means 40% of institutions are not providing good education.

system for all

It is also a biggest
problem that there is not one system for all. Every province in Pakistan is
getting different level of education. If we talk about Punjab urban areas are
getting good education but rural areas are not getting good education. In Sindh
the lower Sindh is getting good education and upper is not much educated. And
in Baluchistan and khaber pakhtunkhwa the education is very low. According to
the research there are only 35% of males are educated and only 8% of females
are education which is a very low percentage. People who wants to get good
education they go to those cities where education is good like Lahore,
Islamabad, Karachi etc. so there is not one system for all.


Terrorism is also one
of the biggest problem in Pakistan. Terrorism had affected the development of
literacy campaign. The terrorists targets schools and students. There are many
education institutions which were destroyed by the terrorists, students and teachers
were killed. One of the biggest example of it is Peshawar APS attack in which
many students and teachers were killed. It has reduced the quality of
education. Students and parents are afraid of terrorism. Parents are afraid to
send their children to the schools. So it is the biggest problem in Pakistan.


Co-education means
providing education for both boys and girls in same institution. Co-education
is also a biggest problem in Pakistan. Because there are two different views
about coeducation. First view is that the concept of coeducation is totally
wrong because they says that the concept of co-education is against the golden
Islamic rules. That’s way people do not send their daughters to school for
education that ways there are many females who are uneducated and parents
arrange marriage for their daughters and sisters early. They thought that co-education
has its disadvantages. They boys and girls might waste their time in the
activities which are not related to the studies. Now the youth is irresponsible
and immature. This free communication can have a wrong result. Therefore it is
wrong way to teach both boys and girls in same institution

Second view is that
people says that we should adopt co-education system in Pakistan because they
thought that Pakistan is a poor country and under-developed country so the
separation of institutions for both boys and girls is impossible. It will be
very difficult for the government to open different institutions for both boys
and girls and to provide separate qualified teachers of boys and girls.

As it is difficult to
open separate institutes. Then the parents will not allow their daughters to
get education. So this will remain a desire for woman to get education. So our
country needs to become a developed country so that woman get education.


The educational fund
allocated by the government is very low. Which is only 1.5 to 2 percent of
total GDP. It should be 7 percent of total GDP. It hardly to say that there is
no fund for education. Government should take an action for education system of
Pakistan. Because children are the future of Pakistan, if they will not
educated, then how they will take Pakistan ahead in the future. And how they
will make the name of Pakistan brighter. As there are no funds the institutions
will not have a good infra-structure and institutions will have less qualified
teachers. Which result to un bright future of Pakistan. No educational funds
means no development which means not good education. It seems that future of Pakistan
is going deeper.



Lack of technical
education is also a one of the biggest problem in Pakistan. Therefore in
Pakistan there are less technical people which means that there is less
technical education. In most of the institutions there less practical education
because they do not have much resources. Therefore there is more theoretical
education instead of technical education. Which makes our country less
qualified and can decrease the rank of education in the world. Technical
education is very important for us if we want to become an updated in the world
than we should need to focus on technical education. If there will be technical
education then the students will take more interest in their studies. If
technical education will be increased in our country then we will compete to
the developed countries and our rank will be increased in the world.


Pakistan should take an
action an action for education system of Pakistan. Following are the
measurements that how Pakistan can makes its educational level perfect.

There should be paper
planning that the paper should not be too easy that a normal student can
attempt the paper and it should be too difficult. Then the paper checking
system should be good so that students can get marks according to their

Government should focus
on the technical education instead of theoretical education so that the concept
of students should be cleared. If the students will get clear concepts then the
literacy rate will be decreased. There should be equal education in all
provinces so that the whole Pakistan can get equal and good education.
Government should invest more funds in education sector so that there can be
good infrastructure and qualified teacher. So that the education can become
better. And there should be separate institutions for girls so that parents
cannot hesitate to send their daughters and sisters to get education.

If the government will
follow these steps I think Pakistan will became an educated and developed
country in world.